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This Crazy Life

So as I shared here, baby Lucy joined our family almost two weeks ago. It’s been kind of crazy around here. Not only have we been making the adjustments to having a baby back in the picture, but in less than two weeks my baby brother is going to be getting married here at the farm! There has been lots of hustle and bustle trying to get everything ready for the wedding. They will be getting married in front of the barn in the “forest”, so there has been a lot of clearing of trees, weeds and misc. trash left by the previous owner that was never taken care of. It is looking amazing out there. There was also lots of busyness in the house as well. We are doing all the food ourselves so we spent the weekend baking cupcakes and cooking pasta and throwing it in the deep freezer.

Yesterday was my mom’s last day of work, so after that we will be spending lots of time cleaning the main floor for the wedding.

There is still so much to do! The girls’ dresses are ordered but they still need shoes, Joel still needs a tie and socks, I still need to get my dress (did I mention that four of the five of us are IN the wedding! Lucy gets to hang with Grammie during the wedding.)

Then the day after the wedding we leave for vacation with Joel’s family. Are we crazy? YES! But after all of this I am looking forward to vacation and having lots of family who want to play with my girls. I’m hoping to get caught up on some of the lost sleep I’ll have accumulated over the weeks leading up to vacation.


Tell me, what kind of craziness do you have going on at your house right now?

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