Family fun

The County Fair

Our County Fair was actually a few weeks ago but I’ve been sick for weeks with a sinus and ear infection. Add to the fact that during that time I found out I was pregnant. No wonder I was so exhausted! I think I finally have the infection behind me so I thought I’d do a little catching up. I went to the doctor a couple of days before we went to the fair but I was still very tired. I had the brilliant idea of heading into Fremont for dinner so I didn’t have to make it and stopping by the fair on the way home. The nice thing about our county fair is that it’s small and you only have to pay for food and rides everything else is free. So we took the girls to see all the 4-H animals and then booked it out of there.

They had fans going everywhere. Ever since Emma had her double ear infection she’s been very sensitive to loud sounds.

Sammie on the other hand had no problem with the noise and had a great time.

One of the few times she had her hands off her ears.

One of the guys brought out a goat for the kids to pet. It was so nice of him.

When we were walking back to the car I saw our shadows. It was so cool I had to take a picture.

We had a really fun time. I’m hoping next year Emma will be past the loud noise thing and really enjoy the animals. It’s the simple things that make the lasting impressions and bring the most joy!

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