Super Saver Saturday-Great Deals at Bag ‘n’ Save!

   Attention Shoppers!! What a great trip we had to Bag ‘n’ Save this week. Because next week is a holiday week all the stores are running their ads through Thursday the 24th instead of Tuesday the 22nd so you have extra time to score some great deals. Most of the sales this week were rather ho hum, but for some reason Bag ‘n’ Save decided to throw in a couple of biggies. Joel and I were out on a mini date/shopping trip and swung in so I could use the in-store coupon. I usually price match to this store since is out of my way, but since we were in the area and they had such a sweet store Q I stopped in. I just want to say that I love shopping with my hubby, especially when I am 7 months pregnant!

Here’s the breakdown of what I/we scored:

7 Kraft Cheese Shredded $1.30 each – $1/3 in-store Q – $1/2 MQ = $0.47 each = $3.29

11 Kraft Cheese Block $1.30 each – $1/3 in-store Q – $1/2 MQ = $0.47 each = $5.17

12 Stove Top Stuffing $0.89 each = $10.68

3 Bags Kraft Marshmallows $0.88 each = $2.64

4 Dz Eggs $0.87 each – BOGO Free Q (This was IP from awhile back put out by some egg coalition or something. It’s no longer available)

Total before Coupons: $39.33

Total After Store and MQ’s: $23.72

I only actually paid $21 and change (I don’t have the receipt with me). The best that I can figure is that she entered the egg coupons wrong, because if you take out the eggs completely the total is about right. The only thing that would have made this even better is if I had put two and two together and realized since we were taking Joel’s car my grocery bags were not in the trunk like they are in my car. Bag ‘n’ Save gives $0.05 per bag so with the three bags needed I would have save an additional $0.15!

Also, they have Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers on sale for $0.69 a bag, a great deal in and of itself, but what makes it sweeter is that in last Sunday’s coupons there is a $0.40/1 MQ making it just $0.29 per bag! I will be price matching this at Wal-Mart on Sunday when I go to finish my shopping while hubby watches the kiddo!

 Did you get any great deals this week? Feel free to share!

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