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Resting Beds


So like I said last week, I didn’t get anything planted this year. So we are making the most of it and are piling the grass clippings to prep the beds for late summer. I’m hoping to put in some radishes, onions, lettuce, turnips and the like.

I also put grass around the asparagus, rhubarb, and the strawberries that managed to live through grandpa tilling them under. Plus I think that I found a blueberry plant. Grandpa transplanted the bush last year but apparently he didn’t get everything.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I took the camera outside and it was so hot out that it fogged up the lens. I had to wipe them off and take the pictures as quickly as possible before it fogged up again.

I am linking to Homestead Barn Hop!

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Sally {with eager hands} - 19. Jul, 2011 - Reply

hmm, this is interesting! we also have some spots that need some resting and prepping — looks like some grass clippings will go to those spots and not the compost (which has too much anyway!) Thanks for sharing this tip at the Barn Hop!

Libby - 19. Jul, 2011 - Reply

You’re so welcome! I’m actually reading a book about composting directly in the garden around the plants. I really wanted to try it this year but it will have to wait. If you lay the grass/hay/pulled weeds thick (like start with 8 inches) around and between the plants it will keep the weeds out and water in the ground.

Lynn - 20. Jul, 2011 - Reply

Looks interesting! I may give it a try sometime. Thanks!