Monday Mommy Confessions

Monday Mommy Confession #53

Mommy Confessions

It’s mommy confession time again. I’m getting to the point now that I have to start checking so I don’t write about the same things. Considering that we are pregnant with baby#4, I’m starting to live through the same scenarios over and over until and it all becomes a blur. And add to that the “no two children are the same and like to put their own spin on things” well, then you have to decide if it’s funny enough to share even though you shared some things similar a year and a half ago or skip it. Ah, the stresses of a mommy writing a blog.

Anyway, onto this weeks Mommy Confession.

Mommy Confessions

Saturday was Lucy’s first birthday. Being that she is only one, we didn’t really plan anything special, however, what we didn’t expect is that she would wake up cutting a tooth and being super cranky and I would be sick in bed all day due to the pregnancy. Fun times.

So Lucy is one, and may I just say that she is figuring things out WAY quicker then her sisters. When she was littler she did a lot of observing and it’s paying off. She isn’t one of those middle children who don’t talk much because her sisters talk for her, no she yells at them if they don’t pay attention to her. She wants to do everything that her  4 yr old and 3 yr old sisters do.

Mommy Confessions

Case in point, Joel picked up a bunch of flowers for the girls to give to me for mother’s day and wrapped them in smaller bunches so they would each have something to give me. Emma and Sammie came barreling in right away, blurry eyed and matted hair, exclaiming “Happy Mother’s Day mommy!” I get my glasses on and thank them just in time to look up to see Lucy toddling in behind them blurry eyed as well and walking like a drunken sailor (Joel had to wake them up which usually doesn’t need to happen). She made her way to the bed and shoved the flowers my direction. The two older ones each leaned in to give me a kiss, and not to be out done, Lucy tried to get to me for her turn. Her older sisters were paying no attention to her and her attempts to shove them out of the way were in vein. I quickly asked the girls to step back so Lucy could have a turn, and she made her way over as I leaned down to give her a kiss.

What a delight she is! She is always giving awesome hugs be it my neck or my leg, and she always, always has a smile to give.

Happy first birthday Lucy! I’m so glad I get to be your mommy. Thanks for being your own person and not being out done by your sisters before you!

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Amalia - 27. Dec, 2015 - Reply

Wonderful bag!!! Here’s 2 hints, though. Those stpras will stretch over time, so you may not actually need to make them longer next time. Also, a really easy way to make the bag smaller is just by using a smaller hook, one size down, or even two, will make a nice difference and then the “fabric” of the bag will be more dense.Love it! I plan to make one soon, too 🙂