Monday Mommy Confessions

Monday Mommy Confession #50

Sorry for the late posting of this Mommy Confession. We were busy loading up the rest of the big stuff we still had at my parents house and heading back to kansas (we got in about 1am this morning) It was a fun Easter weekend, but I’m wiped and ready to slow things down for a few days.
Mommy Confessions

Now on to this weeks Mommy confession. Some of you may remember seeing me last year looking like the picture above. This was me at almost 43 weeks. I was quite large at the end and it was all in front in that huge belly of mine.

Well, take a good look at that picture, because that is going to be me again the end of November! Yes, that’s right, we are going to have Terrell baby #4! We are so excited and the older girls are beside themselves with excitement. They’ve decided they are having a baby too. I haven’t decided if I’m going to nip that one in the bud or if I’m just going to let it play out.

I’m just starting to feel a little sick today, I think part of it is exhaustion and lack of healthy eating over the last few day. We shall see! We have a lot of things to work out, like a different car, finding a midwife and things like that, but we know God will be with us every step of the way and He’ll provide everything we need.

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