Monday Mommy Confessions

Monday Mommy Confession #47


I thought I’d share a nice smelling photo today!

We are trying to teach the girls manners. It is something that has to be taught over, and over, and over again. Though I have girls, they have just as much of a fascination with passing gas (or tooting as we call it) as any boy around.

One of my girls (who shall remain nameless so she doesn’t kill me when she gets older) had been passing gas and not letting anyone know, leaving us to “discover” it with our noses. After gagging we reminded her that she must say excuse me to let everyone know she did so.

It finally sunk in one day when she came downstairs and proudly announced “Mommy, I tooted upstairs and I said excuse me!” What made it so funny was that the rest of us were downstairs, so she was up there by herself.

Both girls are getting the hang of it now. It doesn’t help with the stinkiness (which is my fault really, thanks to all the fruits and vegetables and beans I feed them) but at least we have warning now! The laughs haven’t subsided though. One thing at a time right?


Do you have stinkers in your family that get a good belly laugh out of passing gas, or any bodily functions really?

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