Monday Mommy Confessions

Monday Mommy Confession #46


The first was Sammie’s birthday. My spunky little girl is three years old now, and I can hardly handle it. She already seems older and it’s only been a few days. I think when you tell a child they are a year older it kind of makes them feel older and they try to act the way they think someone older should act.

I thought I’d share a few funny quotes from her birthday.


Sammie “Can I open it?” (Her present)

Me “No. Can you smell it?”

Sammie -sniffs her present

Me “Can you lick it?”

Sammie-Licks it

Me “Can you hear it?”

Sammie-puts her ear to it

Me “What  does it say?”

Sammie “It says I want to open it!”

Joel and I were rolling!


Sammie had just blown out her candle when this conversation took place.

Emma “Can Sammie eat the candle?”

Me “No, it would taste bad.”

Sammie “Ya, it would taste burnt.”

Sammie was so serious about her comment about it tasting burnt. She is such a delight!


I hope this gave you a smile. Happy Monday everyone!

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Cathy Wells - 05. Mar, 2013 - Reply

It gave me a smile. I know exactly what you mean about children seeming older all of a sudden after their birthdays. It gives you joy and hopefully helps you realize what little time you have with them so that you enjoy every minute while you do.

Libby - 05. Mar, 2013 - Reply

It makes me laugh. I’m reminded all the time how quickly my time with them is passing. I think back to when I was a kid and it’s like it just happened. How much more it is intensified when it is your own kids you see growing up before your eyes and they are no longer the tiny little bundle you brought home.