Monday Mommy Confessions

Monday Mommy Confession #45

Sometimes I have those days when I mentally check out. It just comes so natural. The girls will be talking away and I won’t even hear them. I snap back to “mom… Mooom!” And realize I’ve done it again. I don’t mean to, and I try really hard to stay focused on the kids during those days. It’s usually when I’m tired and they are talking incessantly and their little voices lull me into a comatose state. When this happens I often think of this scene from “The Incredibles”. Queue it to 55 seconds if you want to go right to the part I’m talking about.


I often say to myself “It’s time to engage Libby, it’s time to engage!)


Do you ever have days where you’re a Zombie Mommy? What do you do to pull yourself together?

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James Wells - 25. Feb, 2013 - Reply

Well I can relate to the zombie part but not the mommy part. I guess thats normal though.
Miss you guys!

Libby - 25. Feb, 2013 - Reply

I would be worried if you related to the mommy part. Miss you guys too! Thanks for visiting the blog. It makes my heart happy!