Monday Mommy Confessions

Monday Mommy Confession #37


Today, instead of sharing with you one of my less than perfect moments, I’m going to brag on my girls. Not everything in the life of a mommy calls for a slap to the forehead. There are lots of really great things that happen and often times they can happen without any instigation from the mommy.

I really do have two of the most thoughtful girls. Even at 3 ½ and 2, they are thinking about how I feel and how to make it better.

A few days ago, we were getting ready for breakfast and Emma remembered me saying that it hurt me to sit on the kitchen chairs (this discussion took place two nights earlier when I switched out my chair for the birthing ball). She then declared that she needed to remove my chair so that I could sit on the ball. I tried to tell her that was unnecessary, but when I turned around she had already removed the chair and her and her sister were rolling the ball in from the porch! They rolled it into place and patted it, proudly saying “there you go mommy! Now you can sit on the ball and your bottom won’t hurt!” (Keep in mind, I’m 40 weeks pregnant so that’s why it hurts to sit on hard wooden chairs).

Oh, they were sooo proud of themselves. I couldn’t help but smile.

Was I going to sit in the chair? Yes, I was and probably would have been fine. But how could I say no to such awesome thoughtfulness and servanthood from my girls.

Are they always such sweet angels? Ah, no. Matter of fact we had multiple melt downs before breakfast. Such is the bi-polar lives of children. My girls bless me so much though and I could brag on them all day!


Tell me, what is something your kids have done that totally blessed you?

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