Monday Mommy Confessions

Monday Mommy Confession #33

Do you every have those times when you think nothing else can go wrong and then the final big one hits you and you just have to laugh at the whole thing?


This is my final big one:

The picture doesn't do her justice. It was WAY worse than it looks!

In the few seconds that I had my back turned to load our things into the car for Missional Community (our “not so small” group), Sammie wandered off into the drive way and managed to get her entire left side plastered in gray gravel water. I swear the puddle was only 8 inches wide and could barely be called a puddle.

I had to carry a stunned little girl into the house and get her changed and cleaned. She never cried and once she got into the house she thought it was quite funny. She had lots of fun showing off her mess. The picture doesn’t do her justice. It was in her hair, her eye lashes, her ear, up her nose, on her coat and the collar of her turtleneck, her hands were covered and both her knees were soaked.

Like I said before, this was the big one, the one that topped off the rest of my day. Which included no naps for the girls or me (I was sick and in desperate need of sleep and they decided to go on a sleep strike), they felt the need to push every boundary with me and beings that I was sick and am quite pregnant I didn’t have the energy or the ability follow through in many areas.

I was debating even going in to town that evening, but decided to go because, well, I wanted an hour away from my girls (we have child care during discussion) and I didn’t think I could handle them by myself the rest of the night (Joel was leading a group and couldn’t skip and come home to rescue me).

So when Sammie went for a winter swim in the driveway I just had to laugh. What else was there to do? I had already cried earlier and poured out my frustration to God and if He saw fit to allow this to happen then it must have been for a reason and He must have thought I could handle it.

Thankfully after I got her cleaned up and the girls into the car, both of them sat quietly (mostly) for the trip in.


Have you ever had a “Final Big One” that you just had to laugh at?

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Sourav - 27. Dec, 2015 - Reply

I came across your blog on BBN and I just weantd to say that I love your blog theme! It’s very unique yet simple and adorable all at the same time. 🙂 I always have such a hard time finding a theme and designing something and sticking with it.

Hunter Parrish for Peeta. No one else can be Peeta, it has to be Hunter! There is nobody else who can portray Peeta like Hunter would be able to. Josh is a great actor, yeah, but he’s not Peeta. Just, NO. As for Liam, I swear if they cast him in the movie, it better be as Cato or something. Someone who dies, preferably. If either of them are casted as Peeta and Gale, I refuse to see this movie until I can watch it on Netflix.