Monday Mommy Confessions

Monday Mommy Confession #31

Let’s just keep it real here people. Some things I do for health, frugal, or environmental reasons. In fact most of what I do would fall under one or more of those categories. But there is another not so admiral category that the rest falls into. It’s the “I’m just too darn lazy” category.

One of the things that falls into said category is feeding my girls potentially messy foods. I waited quite a while to feed the girls yogurt, and I spoon fed them a looong time in order to control the damage. Eventually they won and I have invested in some sturdy washcloths that can handle the job. I have been able to completely avoid peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (the thought of it in their hair is horrifying) due to the fact that Emma is allergic to peanut butter. And until last week my girls had never had cereal with milk in it. I could just see the milk dumped everywhere, and besides, they were perfectly content eating dry cereal so why rock the boat and waste money on extra milk that would probably be spilt any way.

Alas, after seeing me eat a bowls of cereal for the past several weeks and begging for bites of mine I finally caved. And you know what, it was the perfect time! They both can handle spoons responsibly and can even drink the milk out of the bowl when they are done. Mess avoided.

How about you, what’s in your “I’m just too darn lazy” category? Let’s all come clean together!

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abby - 06. Feb, 2012 - Reply

get those yogurt whips! they are extra thick so its less mess! i love those.
Playdough. play dough I DREAD. hate hate hate. and maybe its because they will only sit there for 5 minutes and it takes me 15 to clean up…

Libby - 06. Feb, 2012 - Reply

Abby- Play dough is hit and miss at my house as well. One day they will sit and play with it for 45min and the next month they’re board after 10min. And it sticks to the table something fierce.

As for the yogurt, that would be grea,t but the kind we get doesn’t come in whipped. The girls however have gotten much better about making messes with they’re eating yogurt. At this point they only make a mess when they choose to.