Monday Mommy Confessions

Monday Mommy Confession #28

Sometimes I forget.

I forget to give myself grace. I forget why I wanted to be a stay at home mom in the first place. I place my expectations and long to-do list before my girls. I worry so much about whether I am doing things right that I skip out on life. And I am especially guilty of comparing myself to other moms and allowing myself to believe that I am falling short in the “awesome mom” department.

I know in my head that comparing myself to others is futile, that each person has different strengths and circumstances, but in my heart I repeatedly fall short.

And every time I hit rock bottom I realize just how little time I have spent in relationship with my heavenly Father. It is so much easier to love your children when they are being impossible when you have experienced love when YOU are being impossible.

I know I will forget again, many times over, but my prayer is that each time I crawl back into my loving Father’s lap I won’t wait as long as the last time.

Today if you are feeling overwhelmed and hopeless I encourage you to spend some time in the word. Talk to your Daddy and let him know just how you feel. He will fill you with peace and give you the strength to finish the day.

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