Monday Mommy Confessions

Monday Mommy Confession #17

Kids say the darnedest things right? Emma has lots of funny phrases that we’ve taught her like “I’m frustrated”, or “how was your day mommy?” Here is a video of a few of the things she says. Some of the details are a little mixed up but she gets all the important stuff right.


Yes the last part is true, and it took us an entire evening to get her to say the whole thing right. But once she got it she was repeating it all over the house.

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amanda - 22. Aug, 2011 - Reply

selah loved watching this with me. and congrats!! how exciting! you two make adorable kids!

Libby - 22. Aug, 2011 - Reply

Thank you Amanda! Emma doesn’t get tired of watching herself. It’s so cute!

abby - 22. Aug, 2011 - Reply

tee-hee! so cute!

Jenny - 22. Aug, 2011 - Reply

I love this!!! I love it!! Haha. So stoked for you guys!!

James - 22. Aug, 2011 - Reply

I love this!