Monday Mommy Confessions

Monday Mommy Confession #16


      We as moms try our darnedest to be good examples for our children. It is my heart’s desire to love my children with Christ’s love and not act out of my flesh. But sometimes, often times, it doesn’t work out that way. Earlier this week, right before bed time, Emma came into my room with raisins in her mouth. Dinner was done and she had not been given permission to have a snack. I assumed she had gotten into the bag of raisins in the den and had helped herself. I gave her a spanking and told her that she had to ask permission to have a snack, then daddy sent her to sit on her bed. It wasn’t really too upsetting to her until daddy said “go sit on your bed”. Soon after I found her cup from the day before that had leftover raisins in it. She had not opened the bag and helped herself; she had eaten the raisins that she knew to be hers. I felt terrible.

      A dear friend of mine is teaching me what it looks like and how important it is to apologize to your children. I have always believed this to be true, but more applicable when the girls are a little bit older. What I am learning now is that though they really don’t get it and won’t for a few more years, it is important for me to see my sin against them and act accordingly regardless if they understand. By doing this now I am training myself to do it later when it really does matter to them. So in I went to ask her to forgive me. She sobbed awhile longer while clinging to me, but eventually she calmed down and we finished our evening.

     Parents aren’t above their kids when it comes to sin. Adults and children alike are on the same playing field. If I have a bad attitude towards my children it is the same as having one towards my husband, co-worker, brother, etc.

So how about you, have you found yourself in need of seeking forgiveness from your children lately?

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