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Friday’s Favorite Five: Things I Love About Sammie


I love her button nose.


Yesterday was Samantha’s Second birthday. It feels like only yesterday she was that tiny bundle (pictured above) I took home from the hospital. From day one she has been my snuggler and I have loved every minute of it! She is growing up so fast and becoming more beautiful, sweet, and creative every day. Here are five things from my long list of favorite things about here.

1. Her smile

This is so Sammie right now. Hands in her pockets, big smile, and some sort of headband on. So Cute!

It lights up a room and melts your heart in an instant. It’s so big that it’s sometimes hard for this momma to say no.

2. Her laugh

This girl LOVES to laugh, and when you get her going into her belly laugh, well, it makes you laugh uncontrollably as will!

3. Her dancing.

The girl doesn’t even need music to be playing to bust a move (she just like her mommy that way)

4. The way she plays pretend

She has such an imagination. She plays mommy with her baby, she grabs a bag and pretends to be leaving to go shopping, she makes meals and pushes her little grocery cart around with food in it.

5. Her determination


She decided that she wanted to ride the trike in the snow. Needless to say it didn't work so well.


Another word for that would be stubbornness, but I’m choosing to look at the positive side of things. She is determined to figure things out or try it on her own before she asks for help. Part of this comes from trying to be like big sister, but often times she will try something before Emma will. She is quite the dare devil.


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