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Friday’s Favorite Five: Eggs

I love eggs. I don’t think I have found a way to prepare eggs that I haven’t liked. With Easter just around the corner there is no lack of ideas of how to use eggs for decorating, eating, and crafting with them. Here are my favorite five I’ve found this week.


Naturally dye your Easter eggs


Mini Frittata


Egg in a Hole


Compound Words with Plastic Easter Eggs


Rubber Cement Dyed Eggs



I hope you have an Egg-stravagant day!

What super cool egg recipes or ideas do you have?

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Abbi - 01. Apr, 2012 - Reply

We eat eggs a lot but generally nothing fancy.
I think that “egg in a hole” looks neat and rather yummy. I have some peppers on hand and think maybe I will have to give that a try.