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Friday’s Favorite Five: Easy Money Saving Tips That Won’t Pinch

Let your grass grow a little longer.

Here are five of my favorite ways to save money without making your life miserable.


  1. Turn the lights off when you are done in a room

    And the TV of when you’re done watching it, and the dvd player, the game system, stereo, computer (at least hibernate it)! They all suck energy. If you want to get real hard core you can unplug them. Electronics use electricity even when they are shut off so that they’re instantly able to turn on when you push a button, plus other features like showing the time, and that little light that shows you that it’s on.


  2. Turn the water off while you are brushing your teeth(Turn the flow down, while washing your hands)

    The average person bushes their teeth for 2-3 minutes. In those 2-3 minutes you just used upwards of 12 gallons of water! That’s just one person. Multiply that by the number of times you brush your teeth per day and the number of people in your house and that adds up fast.

    For more information about savings you can see just by turning off the water while brushing your teeth go here.


  3. Turn your Heat down 1 or 2 degrees in the winter and up in the summer

    For every degree you turn your heat down in the winter (or your a/c up in the summer) you save 3% on your bill, that’s huge!


  4. Use both side of the paper

    This isn’t just for kids. With the price of everything going up due to rising gas prices, paper is sure to become even pricier. I even use the back side of return envelopes from credit card offers for grocery or to do lists. Here is a link for a great idea to reuse paper


  5. Let your grass grow a little longer.

    This is first of all healthier for the grass, requiring less fertilizer and watering, but it is better for the environment allowing the grass to make the air cleaner. Not to mention the gas/electricity you won’t be using to mow your lawn.


    Tell us, what are some of your favorite money saving tips?

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Anna Maria Padilla - 23. Mar, 2012 - Reply

Unplugging things may be one of the easiest money savers ever! I smile every time I get my electric bill for $15!

Libby - 23. Mar, 2012 - Reply

Yes! It’s hard for us to do it consistently in such a large house (and when everyone isn’t on board), but when we’re on our own this on the top of our list. I would smile at a $15 electric bill too! Thanks for chiming in!

Donna M. - 28. Mar, 2012 - Reply

Drives me nuts when my son comes by in the winter and his kids take off their coats and are wearing short sleeves. And then he complains because it’s too cold for them. He keeps his house like an oven and gripes about his high utility bills.

Libby - 30. Mar, 2012 - Reply

Donna[- I totally understand. We live with my parents out in the country and my dad will walk around in shorts and a tank and complain that its too cold. Often times my husband will end up in shorts because they keep it so warm he can’t handle it. Its frustrating because I want to help them save money, especially with the electric since being in the country everything is electric, but there is no convincing him otherwise.

There is a reason you wear sweaters in the winter, and it is not for fashion! Thanks for stopping by and chiming in!