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Baby Update-40 Weeks

Let me just start by saying that I am so glad that Joel and I have decided that a move to Kansas can’t happen until June. Not only are we getting ready to have baby #3 but my youngest brother is getting married the beginning of June and we leave for a family vacation with Joel’s family the very next day! I was getting a little frazzled so when we made the decision to wait and not be super parents, it took a huge load off my shoulders.

It ended up being perfect timing too. Two weeks later we discovered at a midwife appointment that at 38 weeks the baby was in a Frank Breech. There was immediate talk about c-sectioning if the baby didn’t turn and sending me up to an OB-GYN to have a Version done. Here’s the thing, c-sections are great for true life and death emergencies, and a Frank Breech is not one of them. I have delivered two babies already and I don’t like having someone tell me that I can’t even try and push my baby out and that I MUST let them cut me open. The issue with the version is that they use a non FDA approved drug (for this purpose) to numb my uterine, oh and by the way, we might rupture your uterine and have to do an emergency c-section anyway so don’t eat anything after midnight, um k pumpkin! Ya no.

So we started on exercises we found on the internet and began the search for an OB-GYN who would be willing to deliver a breeched baby naturally. After two strikes we found an amazing Dr. who is more than willing to do it, is as naturally minded as we are and openly says that God is in charge, not him. A wave of relief came over me as the meeting with him progressed. I did a little happy dance as we left the building. Joel even mentioned that he didn’t realize how unexcited he was to have the baby until after the meeting when he became overwhelmed with excitement. It’s hard to be excited about something that goes against what you believe. True the end result (a beautiful baby) is worth it, but to have your choice taken away from you as to how you meet your child is very disheartening. To have the choice given back and know that the only reason we would end up in surgery is if there was a true emergency is so awesome and empowering!

Now I don’t find myself talk to the baby, telling it to wait until it turns. Baby T. can turn whenever its ready and that’s ok. I will continue to do the exercises to encourage baby to turn and I will continue to pray for God’s timing. And now it can truly be God’s timing, not the doctors’.

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abby - 19. Apr, 2012 - Reply

praise God! what a great story to remember #3 pregnancy! still praying that stubborn T moves soon!