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A Baby swing, A Tricycle and More, Oh My!

Mom and I ventured out to go garage saling last week for the first time this summer. I know, right, only the first time and it’s the middle of July. That is life, my friends. We happened to pick the week of the same awesome rummage sale we went to last year! I’m not going to give a rundown of every item and what we paid, but I will give highlights.

The swing I got for $2! My grandpa built a swing set for all the littles in the family, so Joel went looking at a hardware store for a swing like this one and it was $20 new! It looks faded pretty bad but it came from Las Vegas and got a lot of sun. The rope is still in great condition though and the lock works just fine.

The chairs I got for $.50 each and the trike mom got for $10. All the buttons still work and the girls are thrilled!

Here are some pillows that mom got for a reading corner in her class room this fall. You can see in the background a carpet remnant she picked up as well for just $3 I think.

Here are the rest of mom’s spoils. There are children’s books for the girls and books for school. She picked up the decorative boat with knick knacks, a lighthouse mirror, a floral picture, a picture frame, 2 baskets, a small frame for Emma, 2 lap trays, stickers, a bag of party beads, a couple pairs of earrings, a baby doll bed for the girls and 2 large lunch bags for her and Joel to take to work that were jsut $2 each.

Now for all my goodies.

I picked up 2 fabric remnants, a wire planter box for $1, 2 sets of vintage red ornaments for $.50 each, a cd, a turkey décor thing, a picture frame for $1, a large measure prepping container for $.50, a bath rug for $3, Arbonne RE9 body wash (barely used) $2, Arbonne Aromassentials Reactivate Spray (barely used) $2, 2 Arbonne Aromassentials Reactivate Sea Salt Scrubs (unopened) $5 each, 3 Arbonne RE9 Body Cream and Serum sets (unopened) $5 each. I also got a sweater for me for $1

For the girls I scored some books, an inflatable sled, penguin/cars/plane/boat for the girls, 5 bibs @ $.25 each, jewelry for Emma, a baby grooming set for $1, and 3 pairs of pants, 4 dresses, 4 pj’s and a sweater for Emma. And Sammie got a dress for next year too. Not in the picture is a potty seat the goes on the toilet that I snagged for $.50 (there is a Monday Mommy confession coming soon about that!)

I had another big score but they are getting a post of their own. You’ll just have to wait and see!

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Mom Terrell - 20. Jul, 2011 - Reply

Yeah!!!!!!!!! for you. I would love to find that a garage sale like that. In this heat, however, I would not be going. So happy for you. Mom

Libby - 20. Jul, 2011 - Reply

It was actually 6 garage sales and a rummage sale. Most of them were pretty good sales. I checked ahead to see what they had listed and only hit the ones that looked like they had several items I was looking for. And yes, it is too hot now. We actually went the last nice day before the heat set in. We were so thankful for the cooler weather!

Kristi Kirk Trent - 27. Mar, 2017 - Reply

Libby, hello! 🙂 I always enjoy reading about yard sale finds, bargains and the stories behind them. It’s a good thing too since second-hand shopping and selling is the subject of my blog and I read about yard sales a lot! Your post was especially fun to read. It stands out from the crowd, I think because it’s packed with juicy details. I wish more bloggers would tell us how much they paid for the yard sale treasures they share!

Anywho… I hope it’s okay that I took the liberty of crafting a Pin for your post. It’s on two of my Pinterest garage sale boards for others to enjoy.


Best Wishes,
Kristi Kirk Trent