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2011 Summer Garden Update

    Well, something’s go as planned, and others, like my garden, don’t go as planned. And when I say not as planned, I mean in the worst way possible. It all started out when my seedlings died while I was gone over Easter, then it kept snowing. The ground had thawed enough to plant, but me, being a newbie gardener, was too afraid to plant seeds in snow. I then had the great idea that I’d wait until my mom was done with school for the summer so that she could watch the girls for a couple of days while I hit it hard. That would have been great had it not started raining the same week and just kept raining and raining. The ground was so soaked for so long that by the time it dried enough, the weeds were half my size and it was too late to plant seed.

    So now I have scaled way down. This year my garden has been reduced to planting pots. I ended up planting 2 roma tomato plants, 1 large tomato plant, 6 pepper plants, and 1 dill. I did manage to plant some lettuce from seed. It wasn’t much though, only enough for 1 salad.


  For now we are tilling under the planting beds and laying grass clippings on top to kill the weeds and put nutrients back into the ground. I am hoping to plant another round of lettuce in late summer in a bed as well as onions, radishes and turnips. We shall see.

Anybody else singing the garden blues this year?

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Living So Abundantly - 15. Jul, 2011 - Reply

That is great that you didn’t just give up and came up with a way to still make it work. 🙂 I have been doing container gardening with my herbs and love it! There is no weeding, and I have been having herbs coming out of my ears. 🙂 Wishing you the best!

Libby - 15. Jul, 2011 - Reply

Living So Abundantly-Thanks for the encouragement! I had big plans for this year, so I was very discouraged when all my winter planning was for not. I am choosing to be greatful that I’m able to grow in pots and give my family fresh tomatoes and peppers!

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