Monday Mommy Confessions

Monday Mommy Confession #52

Mommy Confession

Well I started off today not knowing what I was going to write for this weeks Mommy Confession, and since I skipped last week I really needed to post one today. I had tossed around an idea or two this morning planning to landing on one of them when the girls went down for a nap and punching it out.

Then right before nap time one landed in my lap that I wish wouldn’t have since it was an utter mommy fail. But alas, Mommy Confessions is about keeping it real, good and bad, so here it is.

We had finished up lunch and Lucy was still in the high chair playing while the older two were supposed to be  getting ready for naps. I was sitting on my bed resting for a moment (morning sickness and all) when I hear Lucy let out a blood curdling cry. I jump out of bed and head in as Emma announces that Sammie bit Lucy! I asked Sammie if she bit her sister and she informed me that she had bitten her on the finger. I immediately gave her the appropriate disciplinary action then sent her to sit on her bed while I dealt with the still hysterical Lucy.

I was very frustrated at this point because Sammie, who turned three in March, has started being physical with her sisters,  stepping on her baby sister, hitting Emma when she doesn’t get her way and kicking. She’s not really throwing temper tantrums and it doesn’t happen all the time, but more then I’d like. On the flip side she is constantly taking care of her “baby”; changing it’s diaper, nursing it, putting it to bed and making sure everyone is quiet so that it can sleep. I think she is just trying to figure things out, but her older sister didn’t go through this so I’m struggling a little.

Anyway, I calmed down Lucy and headed in to talk to Sammie about what she did and why it was wrong and how she should have done things differently. After I got her calmed down enough that I could understand her (because by the time I got in there she was hysterical herself) I came to understand that she was trying to play with her. You know the game we parents play with babies and little children where we pretend their fingers and toes and arms and legs are sooo taste and sweet, or “Tastes like Chicken” as my mom used to say. Well, that’s what she was trying to play with Lucy only she bit too hard.

My heart sunk.

I loved on her, apologized for disciplining her when it wasn’t warranted and she forgave me. Then I taught her how to pretend to bite without it hurting and had her practice on me.

It’s always hard to apologize to your children and admit that you were wrong. But what better way to teach your children what humility looks like and how to extend forgiveness then to demonstrate it yourself.

Do you have a Mommy Confession this week you’d like to share? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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Mom - 22. Apr, 2013 - Reply

Your confession brought tears of understanding to my eyes. How many times did I do the same things with my children. But, when we do such things, humility and apologies, and asking forgiveness is the only way to teach our children how to forgive, parents aren’t perfect, and how to be sorry when they need to be. You did well! I wish I had done better. But, I am thankful you all learned anyway. Mom

Libby - 22. Apr, 2013 - Reply

I don’t think you give yourself enough credit mom. I obviously learned it somewhere!