Medieval History Memory Game-Review

Medieval History Memory Game-Review

My review today is of the Medieval History Memory game by The Classical Historian. Growing up I always loved educational games. Any time we could play a game instead of book work was a thing to be rejoiced. Just the idea of getting to review an educational game made me giddy and on top of that it was a history game and history is one of my favorite subjects!

Medieval History Memory Game-Review

Here’s the details.

The classical Historian offers their memory game in three different time periods: Medieval History (which is what I’m reviewing today), Ancient History, and American History. There are two ways you can play the game.

Medieval History Memory Game-Review

The first is the standard memory game. Place the tiles face down and mix them up. Then lay them out in a grid pattern. Each player takes a turn flipping over two tiles and when a player turns over two that match they place the pair in a pile next to them, everyone gives a rousing cheer (ok maybe that just happens at my house), and the player gets to flip two more over. This goes on until all the tiles are matched and the game is over. Whoever has the most matches wins!

Medieval History Memory Game-Review

The Second game you can play with these tiles is the Categories Game. The object is to place the tiles under the correct category as fast as possible. This game is for older kids.

The directions read “Player two has a timer or a watch and says “Go!” Player One takes the 4 category tiles (Europe, The Americas, The Far East, Arabia) and places them separate from each other. Player One assembles all tiles under the correct Category tile. When Player One has assembled all tiles, Player Two stops timing and records the time. For each tile placed incorrectly, add 10 seconds to Player One’s time. Then, Player One and Player Two switch roles.”

The instructions include the key which lists the four categories and the correct tiles for each.

Medieval History Memory Game-Review

I love the fact that they have included a second game to challenge older kids and extend the life of the game. It would be a shame to have such an amazing version of the memory game only to have your kids grow bored of it before they can fully appreciate the beautiful pictures and the history lessons that they teach.

The Medieval History game is made of high quality material that I feel can hold up to my kids being, well, kids. The pictures that are depicted on the tiles are beautiful and each includes a description of what is shown.

Medieval History Memory Game-Review

My girls had a great time playing this game and have already requested we play it again! I am happy to oblige and will be keeping this game in our rotation for years to come!

I think The Medieval History Memory Game is a great resource for teaching your kids history. It would work great alongside whatever curriculum you are using. You can find this game, priced at just $14.95, as well as other fun history games and history teaching materials over at The Classical Historian’s website.

I was given a copy of this product for review. I recieved no monitary payment for my opinion. My opinions are my own. Your experience may vary.
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