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Monday Mommy Confession #14




I will openly admit that I’m not a morning person. I wouldn’t think this was such a bad thing except for the fact that it seems the rest of the world are. I have read countless times about how much more productive we are the first half of the morning or how much more you can get done in the morning before your kids get up, and the handful of times I have experienced rising before my children I have indeed found this to be true. However it still has not changed my need for as much sleep as my tired eyeballs and brain can get. It’s on my to-do list though so maybe I will get around to it eventually. I am after all a to-do list kinda girl and we like to mark everything off our list.

Monday Mommy Confession #13

I don’t have a “potty mouth”, but I certainly have “potty” on the brain. Many might think that I’m being obsessive or over the top when I say that I have four, count ’em four potty seats on our house. Why, do you ask, do I have four potty seats? Well let me tell you. I started out with one, just so she could get the idea, then I bought another one that sits on the floor like the first one and one that fits on the toilet in the shape of a turtle (Emma likes Franklin). You see we have two floors that needed a potty chair plus I wanted her to get used to going potty on a real toilet. So why did I buy the forth? Simple, it was $.50 at a garage sale and I wanted a second seat that fit on the toilet. Now we have one in Joel and I’s bathroom, one in the girls’ bathroom and two in the guest bathroom downstairs (one on the floor and one that sits on the toilet). I think we are good on potty chairs now. And what did I pay for all four potty chairs- $9.50 total. Now that’s nothing to stick your nose up at, unless there is poo in them of course!

Monday Mommy Confession #12

I am a fake shaker. There I said it and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m sure I’m not the only one. When my girls see me add some salt to my dinner they of course want some as well. I’m not about to add salt to their food when they don’t need it, soooo I fake shake. You know, when you tip it just enough to look like you are adding salt but not enough for any to come out. The girls are happy and I’m happy.

So, are you a “fake shaker”? Do you have any other situations that you “fake” something in order to appease your children?