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Monday Mommy Confession #24


Ya, that’s me. Leave it to me to put off something that takes sixty seconds. And when I say put it off, I mean, like, two months. I. am. pathentic.

It all started when my lovely daughter, dunked Woody’s head into her older sisters pee in the potty chair. Ya, the joys of motherhood. I put him up and told the girls he needed to be cleaned. He sat next the sink for two whole months.

I finally got him cleaned and the girls have been carrying him everywhere.

Everyone was happy in the end, but really, I think I can do better than two months.

Monday Mommy Confession #23


God is in the little things. And I mean itsy bitsy, tiny things.

But first, the confession. I am an equal chewer. Not with everything, but with a lot of things. What is an equal chewer you ask? Well, it someone who “needs” to chew equally on both sides of the mouth. Or have equal numbers of an item on either side of the mouth like raisins or peanuts. If there is only three left some will only eat two and throw the third away, while others, like me, will bit the third in half and divide it between the two sides.

Some call this Obsessive compulsive; I think it just means I like things symmetrical!

And now on to the God in the little things part. Last week my brother was over for a visit. While we were sitting chatting I opened a snack sized bag of peanut M & M’s and dumped them into my hand. I immediately started grabbing the first two of the same color (did I mention I also have to eat like colors. No mixing of the colors her people!). I ate the first two and looked down at my hand to find the next two when I realized that all six of the remaining M & M’s had matches AND were sitting next to their color partner! I had not rearranged them people. They dumped out of the bag that way. I stopped the conversation dead in its tracks and exclaimed to my brother “Do you see this!” He then admitted that he had noticed earlier but wasn’t going to say anything. Each pair was a different color, four pairs in total. Seriously, it made my afternoon! I know I am ridiculous, but I am who I am so take it or leave it!

Do you have a fun obsession you are willing to admit to us? Surely I can’t be the ONLY one!

Monday Mommy Confessions #22

Emma has the most beautiful long golden hair. I love, love, love when she is in a hospitable mood and allows me to brush it. I envy her hair, not so much the blond part, but the silky, long part. I have only taken scissors to her hair once and that was to cut a small wisp of hair off when her ear drum burst and caked into it. Otherwise I would never have considered taking scissors to her hair….until Tuesday night, or should I say Wednesday morning.

Emma came in saying she didn’t feel well so I let her crawl into bed with us. Not too long later she stirred and started gagging. I got her out of bed in time and averted that mess. She woke up several more times but they were all false alarms. Then she woke up again and I wasn’t fast enough. Fortunately we had laid a towel under her after the first time and that caught everything, but there was splatter all over Joel’s pillow case, our nice.white.brand new. First night sleeping in them sheets, grr!

During the whole episode quite a bit of “it” got in her hair. Joel carried her in the towel into the bathroom and I began the gross, disgusting, torturous task of cleaning her up. I will admit, as I was trying not to gag, I consider giving Emma her first hair cut. Instead, I went into the bedroom and took a few deep breaths to strengthen my nerves and my stomach and went in to clean her up.

That was by far the grossest thing I have ever done. It was even worse than the time she was around a year old and had thrown up in her sleep and slept in it all night. And since she had eaten carrots the night before I came into her room to a smiling little girl whose head and face were glowing orange. She was sooo happy to see me though!

So, have you ever considered extreme measures when faced with a very gross mess?

Monday Mommy Confession #21

Sometimes things don’t go the way we’d like. Potty training is one of them. Emma finally took an interest in using the potty vs. her diaper and has done quite well, though lately she has allowed herself to get distracted and wait too long. What we still have not mastered though is going #2 in the potty. We’ve done it a couple of times but with no consistency. That is not the point of this confession though, merely the premise.

Several weeks ago Emma had once again pooped in her panties. We were in the process of taking her soiled panties off when I realized that I was not going to make it up to the toilet with the contents of the panties without them ending up on the floor. I had to make a quick decision- drop it on the floor or attempt to make it to the potty seat bowl which I could then empty into the toilet. I went with option #2. I didn’t quite make to the bowl however and it ended up on the seat. I was more than a little annoyed.

I started in on cleaning up the potty chair when Emma exclaimed “Mommy, my panties!” I looked up to see what she was talking about and she was pointing to the toilet. I looked in and sure enough, there were her panties floating in the water. No it wasn’t her that put them in there, or even Samantha, no, no it was me, the mommy. In my haste to clean up the mess so Emma could use her potty chair I tossed her panties in the toilet without a second thought.

Can I get away with blaming it on pregnancy brain? I would like to think that on a normal basis, when my body isn’t trying to grow a baby, I would have my wits about me and I would have avoided such a wet mistake.

Did I mention that those panties were soaked, soaked I tell you! I can laugh at it now, but I was quite annoyed with myself that day.

So tell me, Have you had a brainless moment? Surely I’m not the only one!

Monday Mommy Confession #20

Every mommy will tell you that there is a point where they have reached their mommy max and need some child free adult time. The other day I realized that I had reached that point. I knew I’d reached my mommy max today when I was working away and think to myself what hubby might think of something, but instead of thinking “Joel will be happy…” I thought to myself “Daddy will be happy…” I wasn’t “done” with my kids by any means, but thinking to yourself in kid speak is a sure indicator (for me at least) that I need lengthy adult conversations that don’t involve kids in order to keep me sane. Call it a pre-emptive strike or preventative medicine if you will. It made me laugh to myself and I went about my work.

So, have you reached your mommy max recently? What is a sign that you need some adult time?

Monday Mommy Confession #19


      Being a pregnant mommy of two has its challenges and frustrations. Not that I didn’t know it would be, it just always finds new ways of expression that were totally unexpected. I’m not going to go into all the details of just how my girls have pushed me to my limit. After all, this is “Mommy Confessions” not “Kiddo Confession” (though that does sound kind of catchy!) No this is me sharing with you that on more than one occasion I have handled my trials less then gracefully. Let’s just say that when it comes to extended sickness I can morph into one cranky mommy with a very short annoyance fuse. It would seem this time around that even sounds can make me nauseas (oh goodie!)

      I’m trying to spend extra quality time with the girls so that they know they are loved and precious to me. I’m giving lots of kisses, hugs and I love you’s. I’m sitting and reading book after book to them even though talking often makes me feel like I’m going to gag and with every page I feel sicker and sicker.

      They are worth it though. And this tiny little life growing in me is worth it as well. If this pregnancy goes the same as the last two, the sickness will pass in three to four more weeks and we will be on to new challenges. Until then I will rejoice in the fact that I still fit into my size 12 jeans and that I haven’t gained any weight (yet)!

Do you have any fun pregnancy stories to share with us? I could use a good laugh or smile!

Monday Mommy Confession #18


Last week I shared about some of the things that Emma says that are cute. This week it’s not so cute, actually it can be quite annoying. It’s my fault though. You see we don’t want Emma saying “oh my gosh” because it sound too much like the real thing so we tell her to say “oh my goodness”. It took a few weeks of correcting her and her correcting herself but she got it. The problem is who she learned it from, which would be me and Joel. So now she corrects US every time we say the wrong thing “Not oh my gosh, oh my goodness”. Sometimes it’s so much harder practicing what you preach.

Have you had any slip of the tongues that your children have quickly pounced upon?

Monday Mommy Confession #17

Kids say the darnedest things right? Emma has lots of funny phrases that we’ve taught her like “I’m frustrated”, or “how was your day mommy?” Here is a video of a few of the things she says. Some of the details are a little mixed up but she gets all the important stuff right.


Yes the last part is true, and it took us an entire evening to get her to say the whole thing right. But once she got it she was repeating it all over the house.

Monday Mommy Confession #16


      We as moms try our darnedest to be good examples for our children. It is my heart’s desire to love my children with Christ’s love and not act out of my flesh. But sometimes, often times, it doesn’t work out that way. Earlier this week, right before bed time, Emma came into my room with raisins in her mouth. Dinner was done and she had not been given permission to have a snack. I assumed she had gotten into the bag of raisins in the den and had helped herself. I gave her a spanking and told her that she had to ask permission to have a snack, then daddy sent her to sit on her bed. It wasn’t really too upsetting to her until daddy said “go sit on your bed”. Soon after I found her cup from the day before that had leftover raisins in it. She had not opened the bag and helped herself; she had eaten the raisins that she knew to be hers. I felt terrible.

      A dear friend of mine is teaching me what it looks like and how important it is to apologize to your children. I have always believed this to be true, but more applicable when the girls are a little bit older. What I am learning now is that though they really don’t get it and won’t for a few more years, it is important for me to see my sin against them and act accordingly regardless if they understand. By doing this now I am training myself to do it later when it really does matter to them. So in I went to ask her to forgive me. She sobbed awhile longer while clinging to me, but eventually she calmed down and we finished our evening.

     Parents aren’t above their kids when it comes to sin. Adults and children alike are on the same playing field. If I have a bad attitude towards my children it is the same as having one towards my husband, co-worker, brother, etc.

So how about you, have you found yourself in need of seeking forgiveness from your children lately?

Monday Mommy Confessions #15

Last week I shared that I am NOT a morning person. This week I thought I would share with you my very special, very one of a kind alarm clock. You may have something similar, but nothing quite as unique as mine.

Emma comes peeking in my door every morning and then thump, thump, thumps her way across the floor to my side of the bed as quick as she can. Sometimes I get a quiet “mommy, I awake!” Other days, like today she snuck in quietly and stood at my bed staring at me without a word until I pried my eyes open when she then whispered “Hi!”

Next she retrieves my glasses for me and opens them so that I can put them on. She then squeals “You’re awake!” Next she tries to turn on the lamp that sits on the stand beside my bed which I quickly squelch with a “No Emma, mommy’s not THAT awake yet.”

Yes this means I don’t even think about getting up before the kiddos. If Sammie is still asleep I often Scoop Emma up into bed with me for some snuggle time.

Do you have a one of a kind alarm clock?