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Monday Mommy Confession # 36

Monday Mommy Confession # 36

They say that your memory is one of the things to go when you get pregnant. Unfortunately it’s true and it only gets worse with each baby. It doesn’t all magically return once you deliver the baby either. It’s sad and sometimes a little frustrating at times but I find that my smiling girls are worth the memory loss.

It became extremely evident that my brain was not firing on all four cylinders the other when I was trying to get out the door to go somewhere with the girls. I corralled them out the door and into the driveway, opened the door for Emma to get in on her side of the car then turned around and called for Sammie to head over to her side. It was then that I discovered that I had forgotten to put shoes on Sammie. There she was standing in her socks in the driveway. In every other respect she was ready. Hair done, teeth brushed, jacket on, but no shoes. I put her in the car and strapped her in then ran waddled inside to retrieve a pair of shoes for her.

Thankfully it was a minor ordeal and easily remedied. I got a good laugh out of it which is the most important part.


What is your funniest slip of the mind?

Monday Mommy Confession #35

As I was cooking beans for chili last week I was reminded how much I lacked kitchen finesse. I got the beans going and then went over to my grandma’s attached apartment to ask her a question. When I came back I found a lake of bean water on my stove top (thank goodness for that lip that goes all the way around. I swear they made them that way just for people like me). As I was sopping up the mess, I would guess 5 cups in all, I realized what a great mommy confession it would be.

It would be one thing if it happened once in a blue moon, but pretty much, accept for straight up water, I boil everything over. Pasta, beans, rice, oatmeal, you name it, I have boiled it over.

I make many things from scratch but I do not do it gracefully.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the brain power at the time to think about taking a picture (I was super sick). Next time I make a mess, which I’m sure will be soon, I will try and take a picture and share with you all, so you can feel better about yourselves!

What’s your big kitchen blunder that you seem to keep doing over and over again?

Monday Mommy Confession #34

As of this Wednesday I will be 33 weeks pregnant. That means I have 7 weeks until my estimated delivery date, which when you think about it means nothing since I tend to go well past 40 weeks (Sammie was 42 weeks to the day), but you never know when baby might decide to show up earlier than expected. That being said, I have to confess that I haven’t even begun to prepare for this baby. True, we already have all the basics since this is our third child, and regardless of the gender we have clothes (though they need to be unpacked and laundered). But we don’t have new born disposable diaper for the first couple of weeks until the umbilical cord falls off and we can switch to cloth, we haven’t pulled out and washed anything, and the big one, we haven’t started talking seriously about names yet ::gasp::!

Except for my ever growing belly there really isn’t any sign that there will soon be a new little bundle of joy added to our family.

Maybe some of you moms with several kids can chime in on this. Does it seem to you that with every child added to your family preparation seems to get pushed farther and farther back as though there was an abundance of time?

Really though, I have a little time before I need to kick it in gear. At about a month out I should actually take this whole “having another baby in the house” thing seriously. The problem is that there are so many other things going on at the same time that I end up feeling overwhelmed. After all we have a move happening in the (hopefully) near future, a weeklong family vacation the beginning of June, plus other big events happening around the same time. With all this in my head I have a constant feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. I have a strong urge to start making various lists as soon as I’m done with this post so that I can feel like I have some semblance of order, organization, and control in my life.

What to remember in the end is that my Heavenly Father holds my families future in His hands. Only He knows when this baby will come, when Joel will find a job, when we will be moving, and all the details in between. I need to lay my burdens on Him. ::Deep Breath::

But we should really start talking seriously about names. It takes us f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to pick out names!

Monday Mommy Confession #33

Do you every have those times when you think nothing else can go wrong and then the final big one hits you and you just have to laugh at the whole thing?


This is my final big one:

The picture doesn't do her justice. It was WAY worse than it looks!

In the few seconds that I had my back turned to load our things into the car for Missional Community (our “not so small” group), Sammie wandered off into the drive way and managed to get her entire left side plastered in gray gravel water. I swear the puddle was only 8 inches wide and could barely be called a puddle.

I had to carry a stunned little girl into the house and get her changed and cleaned. She never cried and once she got into the house she thought it was quite funny. She had lots of fun showing off her mess. The picture doesn’t do her justice. It was in her hair, her eye lashes, her ear, up her nose, on her coat and the collar of her turtleneck, her hands were covered and both her knees were soaked.

Like I said before, this was the big one, the one that topped off the rest of my day. Which included no naps for the girls or me (I was sick and in desperate need of sleep and they decided to go on a sleep strike), they felt the need to push every boundary with me and beings that I was sick and am quite pregnant I didn’t have the energy or the ability follow through in many areas.

I was debating even going in to town that evening, but decided to go because, well, I wanted an hour away from my girls (we have child care during discussion) and I didn’t think I could handle them by myself the rest of the night (Joel was leading a group and couldn’t skip and come home to rescue me).

So when Sammie went for a winter swim in the driveway I just had to laugh. What else was there to do? I had already cried earlier and poured out my frustration to God and if He saw fit to allow this to happen then it must have been for a reason and He must have thought I could handle it.

Thankfully after I got her cleaned up and the girls into the car, both of them sat quietly (mostly) for the trip in.


Have you ever had a “Final Big One” that you just had to laugh at?

Monday Mommy Confession #32

Normally I love being outside. I love getting my hands dirty and I am one of the few that actually likes shoveling snow (cardio, anyone?) But during seasons of pregnancy I have to admit that I am less then eager to venture outside into the cold with my girls and frolic in the snow. Especially since it takes more time to get them ready to go out and play in the snow then they actually spend playing in the snow.

Two of the last three winters I have been at least half way through pregnancy and too large to help shovel or enjoy the bountiful white stuff. Mostly the girls (especially Emma) have had to wait until the weekend when daddy is home to be able to go out and play.

However, last Monday I sucked it up and bundled us all up and ventured out to play. We were only out about 30min but it was enough for all of us, and we all had a fun time. I even got so warm that I had to take off my coat and scarf while I was pushing the girls in their sled down my grandparents ramp, which was sooo much fun!

(It was very bright outside hence the funny face)

I was so glad I sucked it up and went out with them!



Monday Mommy Confession #31

Let’s just keep it real here people. Some things I do for health, frugal, or environmental reasons. In fact most of what I do would fall under one or more of those categories. But there is another not so admiral category that the rest falls into. It’s the “I’m just too darn lazy” category.

One of the things that falls into said category is feeding my girls potentially messy foods. I waited quite a while to feed the girls yogurt, and I spoon fed them a looong time in order to control the damage. Eventually they won and I have invested in some sturdy washcloths that can handle the job. I have been able to completely avoid peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (the thought of it in their hair is horrifying) due to the fact that Emma is allergic to peanut butter. And until last week my girls had never had cereal with milk in it. I could just see the milk dumped everywhere, and besides, they were perfectly content eating dry cereal so why rock the boat and waste money on extra milk that would probably be spilt any way.

Alas, after seeing me eat a bowls of cereal for the past several weeks and begging for bites of mine I finally caved. And you know what, it was the perfect time! They both can handle spoons responsibly and can even drink the milk out of the bowl when they are done. Mess avoided.

How about you, what’s in your “I’m just too darn lazy” category? Let’s all come clean together!

Monday Mommy Confession #28

Sometimes I forget.

I forget to give myself grace. I forget why I wanted to be a stay at home mom in the first place. I place my expectations and long to-do list before my girls. I worry so much about whether I am doing things right that I skip out on life. And I am especially guilty of comparing myself to other moms and allowing myself to believe that I am falling short in the “awesome mom” department.

I know in my head that comparing myself to others is futile, that each person has different strengths and circumstances, but in my heart I repeatedly fall short.

And every time I hit rock bottom I realize just how little time I have spent in relationship with my heavenly Father. It is so much easier to love your children when they are being impossible when you have experienced love when YOU are being impossible.

I know I will forget again, many times over, but my prayer is that each time I crawl back into my loving Father’s lap I won’t wait as long as the last time.

Today if you are feeling overwhelmed and hopeless I encourage you to spend some time in the word. Talk to your Daddy and let him know just how you feel. He will fill you with peace and give you the strength to finish the day.

Monday Mommy Confession #27

Welcome to 2012 and a new year of Monday Mommy Confessions! Who knows what this year will bring and what laughable stories I will have to share with you all. Only time will tell. Today’s story is less than 24 hours old.

Confession: I am a sucker for Sammie’s big blue sleep eyes and little curly blond head snuggling into my neck.

Sammie has been cutting teeth again the last couple of days. Last night in particular was especially hard for her, keeping her from falling soundly asleep. She would wake up and cry out for me, sometimes falling back asleep on her own and sometimes needing daddy to go up and comfort her. When we were heading into our room to turn in for the evening she cried again and I decided it was time for some pain meds. I brought her into our room and gave her some meds and decided to keep her in with us for a little bit to snuggle (I covet snuggle time with my girls right now.) Then I started reading to her from my book for a little while until it was time to turn out the lights.

Of course by now she didn’t want to go back to her bed. She wanted to stay with me. And of course I obliged. I figured once she fell asleep I would carry her into her room and put her to bed, which I did. Only problem was she woke up and proceeded to cry off and on for the next ten minutes. Finally Joel woke up and went in to get her. We went a couple hours more with her in bed with us before Joel couldn’t take being kick any longer.

Joel carried her in and put her to bed with much better success than I had. I sung his praises when he came back in and we were able to sleep a couple more hours until Joel’s alarm went off at 6:30.

Thankfully my girls were kind enough to let me and let me sleep in this morning.

I wish I knew better. This happens with both girls every time, and yet I think the next time will be different.

When it’s all said and done, I will gladly be a sucker for their blue eyes, curly blonde hair and the sweetest, biggest smiles ever, any day of the week!

Anyone else’s kids have you wrapped around their little finger?

Monday Mommy Confession #26

Butter, butter, who’s got the butter? I’ll tell you who, it’s Sammie J!

Most of the time I enjoy being able to just let my girls run around and play without me hovering, especially around dinner time when I am trying to get things all put together and on the table. I thought I was doing great the other night when I had the table settings stacked on the porch table as well as any condiments we would need. I was finishing up the food in the kitchen when Emma comes in and informs me that Sammie was in the butter-Great. At the worst I thought she had poked her finger in it.

I didn’t expect this:



It took everything in me to keep from laughing! I went back into the living room and grabbed the camera to capture the moment. I snapped a couple of pictures to preserve the memory and hollered at my dad to come down and see. I warned him when he got to the bottom of the stairs to do his best NOT to laugh. I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t put an almost brand new stick of butter on the table unsupervised!

I had to crop down the picture since we were attempting potty training that week and she was bottomless so you don’t quite get the full scope of everythings. Oh well, it makes a great family picture!

Do you have any funny stories or pictures you’ve recorded to embarrass, um humble, uh share with your children when they get older?

Monday Mommy Confession #25

I’m just going to say this upfront. This is a really weird confession, and when I realized I was doing this I thought maybe I was losing it Juuuust a little bit. So here it goes.

More times then I would care to admit I have stood by my bed ready to get in and looked around the bed like I was missing something.; and every time it dawns on me that I am looking for my “blanky”. First of all, no I don’t actually have a blanky. Night after night we do the blanky search for our girls and apparently it has rubbed off on my bed time as well. I’m hoping that this will pass soon, because every time it happens I just think to myself “really, again?”

So I hope this brought a smile and maybe a little chuckle for you!

Happy Monday ya’ll!