June, 2013

Making Money in July

On top of being extra frugal next month, I’m going to try and make money in July as well. My money making juices had run dry for the last several months but they are back in full force and ready to go! Most of these things aren’t quick, big money makers, but they will help and every little bit adds up. Some of the money/gift cards that I earn I’ll be setting aside for Christmas gifts. I have one in particular I really want to get for my husband for Christmas (which will remain unmentioned just in case he reads this) but it’s going to take a focused effort to be able to pull it off by Christmas.

Making Money in July:

Sell on Craigslist.

Making Money in July

Our dryer that we need to sell.

We have our old dryer that we need to get rid of. Our washer went out and we ended up buying a newer set and now have an extra dryer in our garage. Since it didn’t sell at our garage sale it’s going on craigslist. I also have a few other items left over from the garage sale that I think I’ll throw up and see what happens.

Swagbucks, Jingit, and Mypoints oh my!

I want to spend time everyday checking in and a crewing the bucks/change/points that I can. Everything adds up!

Sign up for blog giveaways.

This may not directly be money, but it does equal money I don’t have to spend on gifts. Which can be a BIG help around Christmas and birthdays. I can also resell anything I may win that doesn’t end up working as a gift for anyone in the near future.

Create an Etsy shop.

This is going to happen, I’m just not sure I will get to it this month. It depends how quickly I need to start harvesting the produce from our garden. I have been collecting vintage kitchenware and dishes at garage sales and rummage sales for very cheap and am going to start selling them on Etsy to make some extra income. Pray this is successful, because the money would be a big help and I love finding vintage stuff and an Etsy store would give me a reason to buy it and help it find a good home.

I’ll be keeping my eyes open for other ways to add to our bottom line throughout the month, but these are what came from my quick brainstorming.

What are some things you are doing to bring in some extra money?


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July Frugal Goals

July Frugal Goals

Mark downs are one of the many ways I plan to keep within my grocery budget this month.

I feel like over the past few months our budget has got away from us. With me going through morning sickness my first trimester and then vacation (which we did rather well on monetarily speaking but it’s still an extra expense) I have been less then proactive with being frugal and doing things like avoiding eating out like the plague. When a meal at a fast food joint for one person costs the same as a meal for all five of us at home, it becomes much harder to justify eating out. And now that I’m feeling better I need to get my rear in gear and work on ways to avoid the excuse of eating out because of time or tiredness.

But watching our food budget carefully this coming month isn’t the only thing I plan on doing. Here is my working list of things I want to try this next month to whittle away at our bottom line.

July Frugal Goals:

Keep the lights off as much as possible.

Close the shades at the appropriate time to maximize our air conditioning.

Keep the a/c at 78 during the day and 76 at night.

We’ve just purchased and installed two new ceiling fans for the bedrooms and we already have one in the dining rm/living rm area so that has already made it easier to keep the temp cooler. Who knows, if this works out well I may turn it higher!

No dryer all month.

I want to line dry all  our laundry this month.

Unplug the tv when not in use.

We don’t watch much tv right now, so it makes sense to start unplugging it, along with the other devices that go with it, when we’re not using it. I also plan to turn off my laptop at night and unplug it as well.

Take time to look through online coupons and use what I can.

I’ve got out of the habit of printing coupons out since the printer we bought at a g-sale doesn’t print correctly. We only paid $5 for it, so we’re not out much, but I still don’t have one and the only way I can do it is if I go over to my in-laws and print them off their. I’m going to try and do that this month though.

Write down the price I think I will pay for each grocery item when making a shopping list.

I find that when I have a rough idea of what I plan to spend at the store I tend to scrutinized each item on my list a little more and subtract the items that are wants and not needs. Our current grocery budget is $400 and the past few months I have gone over and we’ve eaten out quite a bit as well.

Make a menu plan that I’l stick to.

I’m really pretty good about making menus. I usually do it in two week increments since it seems life changes too much for me to plan a whole month. This also allows me to shop sales a bit better. I do have a bad habit of putting meals in the schedule that I or my family don’t really care for but do it anyway because they are cheap meals  and then avoid that meal like the plague. I recognize that we need to suck it up and eat the meal, but I will not be putting them in the schedule multiple times in the month. Once is good enough for me.

Eat from our garden.

I’m hoping our garden will start producing so we can include some of it’s produce and save us some money at the store.

Make my own bread.

This is a hard one since I have said this every month for several months now. But I have decided this IS the month it’s going to happen!


I hope to find other ways this month to save money as I go along. I do have a couple of obstacles this month that may challenge my July frugal goals and my budget. First I am hosting a 31 handbag part in July and will need to provide snacks and drinks for that. Second, my family will be in town for several days and so I will be feeding them as well. We also have the fair next month and though there are lots of free things to do there, I would like to spend a little money on the kids since we didn’t spend any money on vacation doing extra fun stuff (we stuck to the swimming pools and canoeing which were free.) Oh, ya and the 4th of July! My goal is to still keep within our grocery budget even with the extras coming up. I will have to keep a watchful eye for deals and mark downs! It seems like a crazy month to try and be super frugal, but on the other hand, I think it maybe the only thing that keeps us from completely blowing the budget out of the water!


Do you have any ideas or ways you are cutting expenses this summer you can send my way? I can use all the help I can get!


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Medieval History Memory Game-Review

Medieval History Memory Game-Review

My review today is of the Medieval History Memory game by The Classical Historian. Growing up I always loved educational games. Any time we could play a game instead of book work was a thing to be rejoiced. Just the idea of getting to review an educational game made me giddy and on top of that it was a history game and history is one of my favorite subjects!

Medieval History Memory Game-Review

Here’s the details.

The classical Historian offers their memory game in three different time periods: Medieval History (which is what I’m reviewing today), Ancient History, and American History. There are two ways you can play the game.

Medieval History Memory Game-Review

The first is the standard memory game. Place the tiles face down and mix them up. Then lay them out in a grid pattern. Each player takes a turn flipping over two tiles and when a player turns over two that match they place the pair in a pile next to them, everyone gives a rousing cheer (ok maybe that just happens at my house), and the player gets to flip two more over. This goes on until all the tiles are matched and the game is over. Whoever has the most matches wins!

Medieval History Memory Game-Review

The Second game you can play with these tiles is the Categories Game. The object is to place the tiles under the correct category as fast as possible. This game is for older kids.

The directions read “Player two has a timer or a watch and says “Go!” Player One takes the 4 category tiles (Europe, The Americas, The Far East, Arabia) and places them separate from each other. Player One assembles all tiles under the correct Category tile. When Player One has assembled all tiles, Player Two stops timing and records the time. For each tile placed incorrectly, add 10 seconds to Player One’s time. Then, Player One and Player Two switch roles.”

The instructions include the key which lists the four categories and the correct tiles for each.

Medieval History Memory Game-Review

I love the fact that they have included a second game to challenge older kids and extend the life of the game. It would be a shame to have such an amazing version of the memory game only to have your kids grow bored of it before they can fully appreciate the beautiful pictures and the history lessons that they teach.

The Medieval History game is made of high quality material that I feel can hold up to my kids being, well, kids. The pictures that are depicted on the tiles are beautiful and each includes a description of what is shown.

Medieval History Memory Game-Review

My girls had a great time playing this game and have already requested we play it again! I am happy to oblige and will be keeping this game in our rotation for years to come!

I think The Medieval History Memory Game is a great resource for teaching your kids history. It would work great alongside whatever curriculum you are using. You can find this game, priced at just $14.95, as well as other fun history games and history teaching materials over at The Classical Historian’s website.

I was given a copy of this product for review. I recieved no monitary payment for my opinion. My opinions are my own. Your experience may vary.
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How Do We Know God is Really There?-Review

This is my first review for the Mosaics Review team, and I can’t think of a better book to start things off with!

 How Do We Know God is Really There

Today’s review is for Apologia’s children’s book “How Do We Know God is Really There?” by Melissa Cain Travis.

I really enjoyed reading this book, though I didn’t read it to my kids. The target age for this book is K-3rd Grade, and since my older two girls are 4 and 3, I felt it  would be a bit too far over their heads and would create questions that I couldn’t sufficiently answer at their level. I do, however, look forward to reading this book to them when they are a little older.

“How Do We Know God is Really There?” does a fantastic job of taking scientific and historical facts and using them to prove the presence of God. The book follows a father and his son doing what they love best, looking at stars. Through this, conversations naturally happen and the son’s questions of if God is real come to light. The father takes the opportunity as a teaching moment and instead of  just say “this is how it is” he instead uses facts that have been proven by science and then asks questions and has his son answer them and come to the conclusion on his own. What a wonderful way to use God’s own creation and our observation of it to prove that God exists.

How Do We Know God is Really There

“How Do We Know God is Really There?” is hard bound and, as you can see, is beautifully illustrated by Christopher Voss. It’s a book well worth adding to your library, and since it’s the first in a series, you’ll have even more opportunities to discover with your kids the different ways we can know God really is there!

This is a book that boys and girls alike will enjoy and will create great discussion for your family.

If you want a copy of this beautiful, thought provoking book you can purchase it at Apologia’s website for $16. You can also read a sample of the book there as well.

I was given a copy of this product for review. I recieved no monitary payment for my opinion. All opinions are my own. Your experience may vary.
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