April, 2013

2013 Seeds for the Garden

2013 Seeds for the Garden

We purchased our seeds for the garden quite a while ago, but I’m just now getting to sharing with you just what we got!

We ordered from two places-Annie’s Heirloom Seeds and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. It may seem like a lot but some we purchased for the fall so we could guarantee that we would be able to get them, and so we could save on shipping. Below is the list of seeds for our garden.

From Annie’s:


Danver’s Half Long Carrots


Kentucky Blue Pole Beans

Golden Bantam Sweet Corn

Early Prolific Straight Neck Squash

Chicago Pickling Cucumber

Black Beauty Zuccini

Pinto Bush Beans

Strawberry Popcorn

California Wonder Pepper

Amish Paste Tomatoes

St. Pierre Tomatoes

Victoria Rhubarb

Tropeana Tonda Onions


Heshiko Bunching Onions

Giant Winter Spinach

Endive di Rufec

Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach

Vit Corn Salad (Mache)

Rocket Salat Arugula

Red Russian Kale

Tom Thumb Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce Blend

From Baker’s:


Snap Peas


Tomato Riesentraube “Giant Bunch of Grapes)

Bonus: They also sent me a packet of melon seeds that we may or may not plant this year, we’ll see.


We’re trying the back to Eden method for our first year out. We’re very excited to try this out. I believe it’s a very viable and practical method. I’ll share more about that later. For now, if you’re interested you can check them out here!



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Monday Mommy Confession #52

Mommy Confession

Well I started off today not knowing what I was going to write for this weeks Mommy Confession, and since I skipped last week I really needed to post one today. I had tossed around an idea or two this morning planning to landing on one of them when the girls went down for a nap and punching it out.

Then right before nap time one landed in my lap that I wish wouldn’t have since it was an utter mommy fail. But alas, Mommy Confessions is about keeping it real, good and bad, so here it is.

We had finished up lunch and Lucy was still in the high chair playing while the older two were supposed to be  getting ready for naps. I was sitting on my bed resting for a moment (morning sickness and all) when I hear Lucy let out a blood curdling cry. I jump out of bed and head in as Emma announces that Sammie bit Lucy! I asked Sammie if she bit her sister and she informed me that she had bitten her on the finger. I immediately gave her the appropriate disciplinary action then sent her to sit on her bed while I dealt with the still hysterical Lucy.

I was very frustrated at this point because Sammie, who turned three in March, has started being physical with her sisters,  stepping on her baby sister, hitting Emma when she doesn’t get her way and kicking. She’s not really throwing temper tantrums and it doesn’t happen all the time, but more then I’d like. On the flip side she is constantly taking care of her “baby”; changing it’s diaper, nursing it, putting it to bed and making sure everyone is quiet so that it can sleep. I think she is just trying to figure things out, but her older sister didn’t go through this so I’m struggling a little.

Anyway, I calmed down Lucy and headed in to talk to Sammie about what she did and why it was wrong and how she should have done things differently. After I got her calmed down enough that I could understand her (because by the time I got in there she was hysterical herself) I came to understand that she was trying to play with her. You know the game we parents play with babies and little children where we pretend their fingers and toes and arms and legs are sooo taste and sweet, or “Tastes like Chicken” as my mom used to say. Well, that’s what she was trying to play with Lucy only she bit too hard.

My heart sunk.

I loved on her, apologized for disciplining her when it wasn’t warranted and she forgave me. Then I taught her how to pretend to bite without it hurting and had her practice on me.

It’s always hard to apologize to your children and admit that you were wrong. But what better way to teach your children what humility looks like and how to extend forgiveness then to demonstrate it yourself.

Do you have a Mommy Confession this week you’d like to share? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Monday Mommy Confession #51

Mommy Confession

Dear Belle,

I’d like to thank you for taking so much time to teach and share SOOO many ideas, thoughts and songs with my daughter Emma. I know you have your hands full teaching The Beast how to read, ice skate, and re-learn how to eat with a spoon. Emma is always sharing with me things that her mommy you have taught her and songs you have sang together. The songs you and Emma have sung together are….interesting to say the least. I always seem to miss you when you are coming over for tea parties, funny how that works.

Imagine my surprise to learn that you were pregnant the same day I told our daughters that I was pregnant. Isn’t it funny how those things work out!

It’s really to bad that we haven’t met yet, since my daughter adores you and we seem to have so much in common.

No offense, but I’d like her to make other friends that she can talk about, like say, Lucy from The Lion, The Witch, and The wardrobe, or maybe someone real from her classes at Church. If you could encourage her in that direction that would be great. No offense, but I’m getting a little tired of hearing your name.

Warmest regards,

Emma’s mom

Baked Oatmeal Recipe

Baked Oatmeal

Baked oatmeal is requested multiple times a week in my house. Whenever I say we’re having oatmeal, the immediate response is “are we having baked oatmeal?”

A few months back I was desperate for some new, inexpensive, ideas for breakfast. We were getting tired of the three or four options, so when I came upon this recipe on Money Saving Mom‘s website I was thrilled. It’s so easy to make, and the best part is you make it the night before and just pop it in the oven in the morning. Most times Joel wakes up before me and puts it in for me allowing me time to wake up or feed the baby.

Baked Oatmeal

This picture shows just how much we love this stuff. Our family of five cleans the pan. I’m thinking I’m going to need to increase the recipe by 50% so we can have a little bit leftover, maybe.

Baked Oatmeal

1/3 cup Butter, melted

2 large Eggs

3/4 cup Raw or Brown Sugar

1 1/2 tsp Baking Powder

1 1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/4tsp salt

1 1/2tsp Vanilla

3 Cups Oats

1 Cup plus 2Tbs Milk

Beat Eggs, sugar, and butter together. Mix in baking Powder, cinnamon, salt, and vanilla.

Stir in milk and oats. Pour into a greased 9×13 baking pan and cover well. Place in frig overnight. In the morning bake at 350 degrees for 35-45 minutes until set in the middle. If you want to freeze this for later you can either pour it into a greased foil pan and cover well before placing in the freezer or you can pour it into a freezer bag. When you are ready to use take it out the day before and place it in the frig. If it’s in a freezer bag you will need to dump it into a baking pan and cover before you go to bed.

Joel and I prefer it just by itself, but my girls like it served with milk. Either way you are in for a treat!

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Monday Mommy Confession #50

Sorry for the late posting of this Mommy Confession. We were busy loading up the rest of the big stuff we still had at my parents house and heading back to kansas (we got in about 1am this morning) It was a fun Easter weekend, but I’m wiped and ready to slow things down for a few days.
Mommy Confessions

Now on to this weeks Mommy confession. Some of you may remember seeing me last year looking like the picture above. This was me at almost 43 weeks. I was quite large at the end and it was all in front in that huge belly of mine.

Well, take a good look at that picture, because that is going to be me again the end of November! Yes, that’s right, we are going to have Terrell baby #4! We are so excited and the older girls are beside themselves with excitement. They’ve decided they are having a baby too. I haven’t decided if I’m going to nip that one in the bud or if I’m just going to let it play out.

I’m just starting to feel a little sick today, I think part of it is exhaustion and lack of healthy eating over the last few day. We shall see! We have a lot of things to work out, like a different car, finding a midwife and things like that, but we know God will be with us every step of the way and He’ll provide everything we need.