October, 2012

Monday Mommy Confession #42

Let’s talk deodorant. By a show of hands (or lack thereof) how many of you forget or just don’t bother with deodorant when you are at home? Anyone, anyone? Ok I’ll start. Hi my name is Libby and I forget to where deodorant more often then I remember to. There I said it.

The other day I was having this conversation with my husband. He said he needed to shower. I said why, you just showered yesterday (no I don’t shower everyday either. Deal with it). He said that he smelled, and though I said I didn’t notice he said he did and it bothered him. Then the real problem came out. He admitted to me that since he had started working from home he had become rather lacks in the deodorant department. I gently reminded him that he doesn’t put deodorant on for everyone else; he puts it on for me.

Yes, later it dawned on me that I was the pot calling the kettle black.

I wasn’t always this way. I used to work and applied deodorant religiously. But when you welcome a beautiful new baby into your life and say sayonara to sleep, you’re just happy if you make it out of your pjs and run a toothbrush over your teeth (and in those first few weeks the odds are not in your favor that either of those things are going to happen either.)

You know it’s bad when your four year old pushes away from you and say “momma you stink! You need to take a shower.” loud and clear for the entire world to hear. Aren’t kids just the greatest! In my defense that only happened during the hottest part of the summer, when even the I did put on deodorant it melted off like chocolate in the hands of a two year old.

I am pleased to say that I have managed to remember to put deodorant on every day this week (I think). And I hope that I can do better at this goal then must people do at their New Year resolution.

So do you have any basics that sometimes don’t even make it on a burner let alone on the front burner?

Monday Mommy Confession #41

So I had this great idea a couple of days ago. All the laundry baskets were either in use with clothes waiting to be folder or put away or filled with toys, and somehow I still managed to have ever growing piles of dirty laundry on the floor. With boxes still waiting to be opened and emptied all over the house it was becoming difficult to think let alone DO anything. I needed a solution and I needed it now. Then I remembered that when you are getting ready to check out of a hotel they always ask you to throw all the dirty towels in the tub to make it easier on housekeeping. If it worked for them, why couldn’t it work for me?!?

So I started throwing all the dirty laundry in the tub and having my children and hubby follow suit. It worked wonderfully. Everyone had bathed recently so there was no imminent need of the tub which allowed me time and SPACE to get things put away. And the best thing is that the dirty laundry is all in ONE PLACE!


What are your creative short term ways of dealing with mess?