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Friday’s Favorite Five-Strawberries

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favorite things once a week. It gives you a look into what makes me tick, and in the case of this week’s favorite five, what makes me drool. All the amazing strawberry-ness that I’m sharing with you I found via Pinterst. All five are on my list of “I want to make, but haven’t yet”. And in my defense, I found them all this fall and winter so strawberry season hasn’t hit yet making these affordable. But I tell ya, once those organic strawberries go on sale or the farmer’s markets open up, I am going to town.

Grab a napkin to wipe up your drool and enjoy!

  1. Fresh Fruit Chocolate Bars (this one’s made with Strawberries but I’m guessing you could use whatever you want)

                 (just letting you know, I tried to find the original post on the blog it was linked to and could not find it)


    Wouldn’t you feel so much better about yourself if you were eating one of these instead of a candy bar from the checkout isle?

    Basically you use an icetray to make them.

                2.   Frozen Strawberry Pie


    Frozen Pies are so refreshing in the summer. I can hardly wait!


                3.   Valentine Chocolate Covered Strawberries


I love the drizzle and the double dip. These would make great gifts for any occasion or just because!


                4.    North Pole Strawberry Smoothie


This just looks so yummy! Just because the name has North Pole in it doesn’t mean we have to wait until Christmas right?


                5.    Chocolate Strawberry Pie


I love that the majority of this pie is fresh strawberries.


Have you found any yummy strawberry recipes via the internet or Pinterest? Or maybe you have an old standby recipe that you just can’t live without? Leave a comment and share the strawberry love!