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Snow Much Fun!


Well apparently we nearly broke the record for snow fall in our area. Now for a Nebraska girl like me, this was nothing. I count it as a special gift from God. One of the big things that I had to over come, along with the fact that I was moving away from my family, best friends, and church, was how little snow Kansas got compared to Nebraska. The snow storm this week was like a kiss from God, reminding me that He would not only meet my needs, but He remembered my wants as well. God knows our love languages better then we do, and beautiful, thick, wet, snow is one of mine. And to top it off, it wasn’t just one day for a few hours and then melts away, it was two whole days and today the temps are staying below freezing so I get to look out the window and drink it all in.

The snow fall we got was just a drop in the bucket compared to what our farmers need to bring the water levels back up to what they need to be, but it is a start. God could have given us two days of rain, I would have still been thankful, but oh how much more beautiful and fun is the snow! It is, after all still winter, so why not enjoy it for what it is.


Moving on. Yesterday Joel took the afternoon off to enjoy the momentous snow fall. We took the girls to the only hill in town ( the on and off ramps for the highway-don’t worry there is a lot of space and it was totally safe) to go sledding for the first time. They had a ball! Lucy sat in the car with Joel’s dad, and eventually Emma when she got too cold. There were a few who thought we were crazy for going out when it was snowing and there was so much snow to still be plowed, but we’ve seen worse and the main roads were cleared so it really wasn’t a problem at all. The snow was perfect for sledding! Both girls thoroughly enjoyed it, but Sammie, our dare devil, wanted to keep going long after her cheeks were bright red and her nose was running on full blast. Joel and I got a really good work out dragging the sleds back up the steep hill while helping the girls back up as well. Joel’s parents went along to enjoy us enjoying the snow. Mom Terrell got right up to the top of the hill with us!

We went out again a couple days later after the second snow fall with one of Joel’s brothers and his kids. It was a treat for them to have other kids they know there with them!

Did you get snow?  Did you do anything special to enjoy it?


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