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Getting Ready for Baby #3

Anytime now baby Terrell #3 could decide to make their grand entrance (like, literally ANYTIME). After a trip to Kansas, a week of battling a full blown sinus infection, and then finding out that baby is beech and dealing with that whole situation, I am feeling just a little behind the ball. So what do I do when I have more to do and remember then my poor prego brain can handle? I make a list of course. And this time I am prioritizing the order of what goes on said list. I’ve marked out the things that I’ve recently completed. I like seeing what I’ve already done. That’s why if I do something that wasn’t on the list, I add it and then mark it off!

To Do Before baby is born:

Clean the girls’ room

Clean my room

Clean my bathroom

Pack to go bag

-my stuff and the babies stuff is in there. Joel still has to add his stuff and the toiletries will be added last minute.

Cook/bake for the freezer for after baby is born

-I have 3 meals in the freezer, two loaves of breakfast bread, and a meals worth of pancakes ready to go.

Buy New Born diapers

Get all laundry caught up (including folded and put away. NOT just cleaned and sitting in a basket!)

-I only have a couple more loads of clothes and a load of diapers to do. If the baby comes in the next few days I will be set. If it’s longer then that then I’ll have to start over.

Pull out pack and play and clean it.

-I’m hoping to get this done tomorrow afternoon. It shouldn’t take too long.

Rewash baby blankets and burp rags (these have been in the closet for a while and could use some freshening up)

-I washed enough for the first couple of days. (mostly gender neutral of course.)

Wash and re-assemble car seat

-The cover has been washed. I just need to clean the plastic part and the buckles and then have the hubs re-assemble it (he so good at it). This will get done probably tomorrow.



Obviously some of these will happen at the same time, but you get the idea. Knowing this baby could come at anytime puts the pressure on, but thankfully the baby has started to drop so I’m having a little easier time getting around.


Do you see anything I’m missing? Let me know, I can use all the help I can get!