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Monday Mommy Confession #40

WARNING: There is a gross factor to this post so don’t say I didn’t warn up! If we as women/moms can’t share this stuff and laugh about it then single women and soon to be mommies aren’t going to get the full, real picture of what our lives are like and what to expect, good and, well, not so good.

I have been blessed with a head FULL of hair. Lots and lots of it. You can ask my hair stylist, she can attest! I get it from my mom. Growing up she had LONG hair, like down to her butt long, and when it was braided it looked like a giant rope. I have not been able to grow it that long, but it is that thick.

I was fortunate that with my first two children I did not experience postpartum hair loss. I didn’t dodge that bullet this time.

Lately I have been spending half my time in the shower pulling off hair from my hands, shoulders, back, and the bottom of my hair.

The shower wall-I stick it there so it won't clog up the drain

One day Joel walked into the bathroom when I was drying off with my back to him and instead of “hey baby”, I got “you know you’re covered with hair right?” Totally not what a girl wants to hear.

everything I pulled off during my shower and I think from brushing my hair afterwards

Oh well, its starting to subside, so hopefully things will get back to normal soon. And really you can’t even tell, I have that much hair people!


Has anyone else been struck by post-baby hair loss?