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Friday’s Favorite Five: Baby Items I Love

Obviously with the countdown to babies arrival growing closer, I have everything baby on the brain. Here are five things that make my life with babies much easier.


  1. Bum Genius Diapers

    I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use cloth diapers. When I got ready to look into them I had no idea how much easier they had become. I still had memories of babysitting and being terrified I would stab a baby (or myself) with the safety pin. Gone are those days my friend. I decided on bum Genius all in one diapers. I got the 2.0 since that was the newest available, but if you are looking at getting them I would get the 3.0. The difference is Velcro tabs with the 2.0 vs. snap tabs with the 3.0. When you’ve washed for a while the Velcro doesn’t stay attached to the strips of female Velcro sewn in for washing purposes, which can leave you with quite a long diaper chain when you are done washing and drying. Plus, when your kiddos get older the Velcro is quite easy and fun for them to unfasten. If I end up replacing of the first set of diapers I purchased I will definitely be getting the 3.0.


  2. Moby Wrap

    I have two of them, one we bought and one that was given to us. It’s so great to have baby right there, safe and secure next to me.


  3. Arbonne Baby Care Line

    I’ll say upfront that I’m an Arbonne consultant, but this is not a sales pitch. My girls have super sensitive skin, and since Arbonne’s line is fragrance free, dye free, and naturally tear free (no numbing agents) I feel at peace knowing there is nothing in there that will irritate their skin. Plus it works.


  4. Bumbo

    I didn’t have one of these with Emma and I wish I had. It’s especially nice when you have older children. You can sit baby in there and the older siblings can easily play with them safely.


  5. Sleeper Sacks

    Sleeper sacks keep baby nice and warm while providing easy access for diaper changing. Plus they’re just so darn cute in them!


    What are your must have baby items?