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Monday Mommy Confession #48


I thought I’d share with you a glimpse into what it’s like living with three little girls in the house. Some of you live with this everyday so this is normal for you, but I grew up with two brothers so things tended to be more about sword fighting and baseball then dolls. So to see girliness vomited all over my house is a bit strange to me. I’m sure it is even more strange to my husband who grew up the youngest of four boys.

The above picture is of the duck that sits on the toilet in the laundry room. Emma took her bracelets off before she went potty and decided that the duck was the safest place. Of course she forgot to put them back on so they stayed there for a couple of days before I rescued them and put them back into “circulation”.


I am some times hourly picking up the bathroom of all their perafanilia that they carry in with them and then abandon. We’re still working on putting away the hair pretties (combs, brushes, headbands, etc. that they get out multiple times a day). It was spotless in there just an hour or so earlier then this picture.


One of the girls decided that potholders and necklaces go well together. Maybe they were just trying to dress up the place!


And here is Sammie with her hair clippy crown (or prown, as she says). Emma came up with the idea first and Sammie wanted one as well. Good thing Mommy has a bunch that their Grammy gave her!

Do you have a bunch of girls running around your house? Maybe you have a bunch of boys instead. What makes your house a special place to live?