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Recipe: (Not so) Refried Beans

I don’t know if you can really call these refried beans since they aren’t actually fried at all. They taste just the same, even better in my opinion, and are much healthier for you. Oh, and did I mention cheaper! I’m not giving exact measurements since the size of your family will determine how much you make (plus I buy my beans in bulk so I never really know how many beans I’m using). You can figure that a pound of beans with insure the beans aren’t too spicy from the taco seasoning. If you are going to do less I would suggest cutting the seasoning in half or making a full batch and freezing the other half.

Start with your dry beans and soak and cook as the package directs (I’ll do a tutorial on this soon).

Once the beans are fully cooked let them cool for a while so that you can work with them without burning yourself on the steam.

Scoop beans into your blender or food processor and add some of the water from the beans (start with a cup or so and add as you blend to reach your desired consistency). Blend until you’ve reached desired consistency (less if you want some bean chunks in there, more is you want a smoother texture).

Pour blended beans into a pan and add your homemade Taco Seasoning or a package of Taco seasoning from the store, and ½-1 cup of the bean water.

Cook on medium heat until it starts to bubble and then reduce to medium-low heat and cook for 5 minutes.



Is your family a big refried bean eating family?

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