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How Do We Know God is Really There?-Review

This is my first review for the Mosaics Review team, and I can’t think of a better book to start things off with!

 How Do We Know God is Really There

Today’s review is for Apologia’s children’s book “How Do We Know God is Really There?” by Melissa Cain Travis.

I really enjoyed reading this book, though I didn’t read it to my kids. The target age for this book is K-3rd Grade, and since my older two girls are 4 and 3, I felt it  would be a bit too far over their heads and would create questions that I couldn’t sufficiently answer at their level. I do, however, look forward to reading this book to them when they are a little older.

“How Do We Know God is Really There?” does a fantastic job of taking scientific and historical facts and using them to prove the presence of God. The book follows a father and his son doing what they love best, looking at stars. Through this, conversations naturally happen and the son’s questions of if God is real come to light. The father takes the opportunity as a teaching moment and instead of  just say “this is how it is” he instead uses facts that have been proven by science and then asks questions and has his son answer them and come to the conclusion on his own. What a wonderful way to use God’s own creation and our observation of it to prove that God exists.

How Do We Know God is Really There

“How Do We Know God is Really There?” is hard bound and, as you can see, is beautifully illustrated by Christopher Voss. It’s a book well worth adding to your library, and since it’s the first in a series, you’ll have even more opportunities to discover with your kids the different ways we can know God really is there!

This is a book that boys and girls alike will enjoy and will create great discussion for your family.

If you want a copy of this beautiful, thought provoking book you can purchase it at Apologia’s website for $16. You can also read a sample of the book there as well.

I was given a copy of this product for review. I recieved no monitary payment for my opinion. All opinions are my own. Your experience may vary.
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