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January Reading Goals Update and February’s Reading List

I had two books on my reading list for January. I actually ended up changing the organization book to another that I got Free for my Kindle. It was actually the one I wanted to read and was homing the first would be similar. Unfortunately its wasn’t and I struggle through every page that I did read. Thankfully the book I really wanted to read was offered free for Kindle on Amazon.com!

" target="_blank">Skinny B*tch

I wanted to read this book because I wanted to know how our bodies react to the different foods and additives we ingest. It was not with the intent of becoming a vegan (which this book promotes) or even vegetarian that I decided to read this book. I had heard that it did a good job of giving the facts in an easy to understand format, which is true. However there is a lot of language and some semi lewd content. The intent was to get the reader’s attention. I felt a little offended, but was able to get past it. It was indeed very informative about each food group and how it helps or hinders your body. They also did a great job of giving you a brief breakdown of labeling and the best way to shop.

I wouldn’t recommend this to just anyone. You really have to look past the language and be very interested in what you are eating and how to eat more responsibly.

Considering I picked it up at a garage sale for $1 I would say that it was money well spent.

" target="_blank">Organizing for a Fresh Start

This is the book I was disappointed in and struggled to push forward in. It’s not that it had bad information, more that I am not in a place in my life where I need that kind of information. This book is about organizing during and after a big life change. It is organizing on a large scale. I was more looking for ways to simplify through organization and decluttering. I have two little kids and a third on the way. I need small steps that make big impact.

Also I did really gel with the author’s writing style. You could tell that she was very new age and I had a hard time connecting with her.

If you are going through the loss of a loved one, job change, divorce, empty nesting, or anything else of the sort and are feeling lost, this may be the book for you.

" target="_blank">Organized Simplicity

This is the book I really wanted to read that wasn’t available at the time I made my list. And boy I wasn’t disappointed! With the move to Kansas in the near future having this information in mind as a pack and set up house again is invaluable. I love the fact that it was written by a mom trying figure out how to live in a small space. She does such a great job of creating a game plan working from room to room with check list for cleaning, decluttering and organizing.

I would recommend this book to any mom who is trying to find things easier, be able to spend less time cleaning and more time living and enjoying family.

I also am half way through the first of three books in" target="_blank"> The Complete Tightwad Gazette.


">Organizing for a Fresh Start

" target="_blank">Skinny B*tch (Don’t judge, I didn’t make up the title. I’ve already started this and it has great straight forward nutritional information. I can’t say that I appreciate some of the language or the way they address the reader, but I do like the way they clearly explain things. Plus I think I only paid $1 at a garage sale for it. And Yes, I did change the “I” so that it wouldn’t be the whole word. That isn’t actually the way it reads on the book.)


" target="_blank">Blogging for Dummies

" target="_blank">Jam it, Pickle it, Cure it


" target="_blank">Miserly Moms

" target="_blank">Becoming a Woman of Freedom


" target="_blank">The Simple Dollar: How One Man Wiped Out His Debts and Achieved the Life of His Dreams


" target="_blank">Four-Season Harvesting

" target="_blank">The Power of a Praying Parent


" target="_blank">Seed to Seed

" target="_blank">Calm My Anxious Heart


" target="_blank">How to Dry Foods


" target="_blank">Root Cellaring


" target="_blank">Quitter


" target="_blank">Margin


" target="_blank">Entreleadership


" target="_blank">The Money Saving Mom’s Budget

Books I’m going to read over the entire year

These are books that are more how-to’s or not chapter books.

" target="_blank">The American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Handbook

" target="_blank">Back to Basics: A complete Guide to Traditional Skills

" target="_blank">The Complete Tightwad Gazette

What’s on your reading list this month?