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Getting Ready for Baby #3

Anytime now baby Terrell #3 could decide to make their grand entrance (like, literally ANYTIME). After a trip to Kansas, a week of battling a full blown sinus infection, and then finding out that baby is beech and dealing with that whole situation, I am feeling just a little behind the ball. So what do I do when I have more to do and remember then my poor prego brain can handle? I make a list of course. And this time I am prioritizing the order of what goes on said list. I’ve marked out the things that I’ve recently completed. I like seeing what I’ve already done. That’s why if I do something that wasn’t on the list, I add it and then mark it off!

To Do Before baby is born:

Clean the girls’ room

Clean my room

Clean my bathroom

Pack to go bag

-my stuff and the babies stuff is in there. Joel still has to add his stuff and the toiletries will be added last minute.

Cook/bake for the freezer for after baby is born

-I have 3 meals in the freezer, two loaves of breakfast bread, and a meals worth of pancakes ready to go.

Buy New Born diapers

Get all laundry caught up (including folded and put away. NOT just cleaned and sitting in a basket!)

-I only have a couple more loads of clothes and a load of diapers to do. If the baby comes in the next few days I will be set. If it’s longer then that then I’ll have to start over.

Pull out pack and play and clean it.

-I’m hoping to get this done tomorrow afternoon. It shouldn’t take too long.

Rewash baby blankets and burp rags (these have been in the closet for a while and could use some freshening up)

-I washed enough for the first couple of days. (mostly gender neutral of course.)

Wash and re-assemble car seat

-The cover has been washed. I just need to clean the plastic part and the buckles and then have the hubs re-assemble it (he so good at it). This will get done probably tomorrow.



Obviously some of these will happen at the same time, but you get the idea. Knowing this baby could come at anytime puts the pressure on, but thankfully the baby has started to drop so I’m having a little easier time getting around.


Do you see anything I’m missing? Let me know, I can use all the help I can get!

Baby Update-40 Weeks

Let me just start by saying that I am so glad that Joel and I have decided that a move to Kansas can’t happen until June. Not only are we getting ready to have baby #3 but my youngest brother is getting married the beginning of June and we leave for a family vacation with Joel’s family the very next day! I was getting a little frazzled so when we made the decision to wait and not be super parents, it took a huge load off my shoulders.

It ended up being perfect timing too. Two weeks later we discovered at a midwife appointment that at 38 weeks the baby was in a Frank Breech. There was immediate talk about c-sectioning if the baby didn’t turn and sending me up to an OB-GYN to have a Version done. Here’s the thing, c-sections are great for true life and death emergencies, and a Frank Breech is not one of them. I have delivered two babies already and I don’t like having someone tell me that I can’t even try and push my baby out and that I MUST let them cut me open. The issue with the version is that they use a non FDA approved drug (for this purpose) to numb my uterine, oh and by the way, we might rupture your uterine and have to do an emergency c-section anyway so don’t eat anything after midnight, um k pumpkin! Ya no.

So we started on exercises we found on the internet and began the search for an OB-GYN who would be willing to deliver a breeched baby naturally. After two strikes we found an amazing Dr. who is more than willing to do it, is as naturally minded as we are and openly says that God is in charge, not him. A wave of relief came over me as the meeting with him progressed. I did a little happy dance as we left the building. Joel even mentioned that he didn’t realize how unexcited he was to have the baby until after the meeting when he became overwhelmed with excitement. It’s hard to be excited about something that goes against what you believe. True the end result (a beautiful baby) is worth it, but to have your choice taken away from you as to how you meet your child is very disheartening. To have the choice given back and know that the only reason we would end up in surgery is if there was a true emergency is so awesome and empowering!

Now I don’t find myself talk to the baby, telling it to wait until it turns. Baby T. can turn whenever its ready and that’s ok. I will continue to do the exercises to encourage baby to turn and I will continue to pray for God’s timing. And now it can truly be God’s timing, not the doctors’.

Monday Mommy Confession # 36

Monday Mommy Confession # 36

They say that your memory is one of the things to go when you get pregnant. Unfortunately it’s true and it only gets worse with each baby. It doesn’t all magically return once you deliver the baby either. It’s sad and sometimes a little frustrating at times but I find that my smiling girls are worth the memory loss.

It became extremely evident that my brain was not firing on all four cylinders the other when I was trying to get out the door to go somewhere with the girls. I corralled them out the door and into the driveway, opened the door for Emma to get in on her side of the car then turned around and called for Sammie to head over to her side. It was then that I discovered that I had forgotten to put shoes on Sammie. There she was standing in her socks in the driveway. In every other respect she was ready. Hair done, teeth brushed, jacket on, but no shoes. I put her in the car and strapped her in then ran waddled inside to retrieve a pair of shoes for her.

Thankfully it was a minor ordeal and easily remedied. I got a good laugh out of it which is the most important part.


What is your funniest slip of the mind?

Mice, how I hate thee

I know most people dislike mice. Mice in general, outside running free, are just fine. It’s when they get in my kitchen, and leave their droppings all over my counter, sink, and now table that really gets under my skin. This has been going on for a week now. We have poison laid out (normally I don’t do poison, or toxins, but usually it’s so effective. Not this time though) and put out sticky pads but to no avail. We’ve laid out two sticky pads. He’s got himself stuck on both and managed to tear himself away leaving nice patches of fur behind. At this point I think there might be more than one. I’ve been too tired to deal with it as thoroughly as it needs to be, and when it got on the table I just threw up my hands and we’ve been using the porch table ever since. I know that sounds terrible, but it’s true. Dad finally got all the dishes washed last night so there was less of a mouse mess to clean up, since there was nothing to eat.

I’m hoping to tackle the table over the course of the day. The plan is to do as little as possible, which is a whole other story, but I do want to get dinner made and the table cleaned off.

What a time we are having around here.

Friday’s Favorite Five: Eggs

I love eggs. I don’t think I have found a way to prepare eggs that I haven’t liked. With Easter just around the corner there is no lack of ideas of how to use eggs for decorating, eating, and crafting with them. Here are my favorite five I’ve found this week.


Naturally dye your Easter eggs


Mini Frittata


Egg in a Hole


Compound Words with Plastic Easter Eggs


Rubber Cement Dyed Eggs



I hope you have an Egg-stravagant day!

What super cool egg recipes or ideas do you have?

Monday Mommy Confession #35

As I was cooking beans for chili last week I was reminded how much I lacked kitchen finesse. I got the beans going and then went over to my grandma’s attached apartment to ask her a question. When I came back I found a lake of bean water on my stove top (thank goodness for that lip that goes all the way around. I swear they made them that way just for people like me). As I was sopping up the mess, I would guess 5 cups in all, I realized what a great mommy confession it would be.

It would be one thing if it happened once in a blue moon, but pretty much, accept for straight up water, I boil everything over. Pasta, beans, rice, oatmeal, you name it, I have boiled it over.

I make many things from scratch but I do not do it gracefully.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the brain power at the time to think about taking a picture (I was super sick). Next time I make a mess, which I’m sure will be soon, I will try and take a picture and share with you all, so you can feel better about yourselves!

What’s your big kitchen blunder that you seem to keep doing over and over again?

Friday’s Favorite Five: Easy Money Saving Tips That Won’t Pinch

Let your grass grow a little longer.

Here are five of my favorite ways to save money without making your life miserable.


  1. Turn the lights off when you are done in a room

    And the TV of when you’re done watching it, and the dvd player, the game system, stereo, computer (at least hibernate it)! They all suck energy. If you want to get real hard core you can unplug them. Electronics use electricity even when they are shut off so that they’re instantly able to turn on when you push a button, plus other features like showing the time, and that little light that shows you that it’s on.


  2. Turn the water off while you are brushing your teeth(Turn the flow down, while washing your hands)

    The average person bushes their teeth for 2-3 minutes. In those 2-3 minutes you just used upwards of 12 gallons of water! That’s just one person. Multiply that by the number of times you brush your teeth per day and the number of people in your house and that adds up fast.

    For more information about savings you can see just by turning off the water while brushing your teeth go here.


  3. Turn your Heat down 1 or 2 degrees in the winter and up in the summer

    For every degree you turn your heat down in the winter (or your a/c up in the summer) you save 3% on your bill, that’s huge!


  4. Use both side of the paper

    This isn’t just for kids. With the price of everything going up due to rising gas prices, paper is sure to become even pricier. I even use the back side of return envelopes from credit card offers for grocery or to do lists. Here is a link for a great idea to reuse paper


  5. Let your grass grow a little longer.

    This is first of all healthier for the grass, requiring less fertilizer and watering, but it is better for the environment allowing the grass to make the air cleaner. Not to mention the gas/electricity you won’t be using to mow your lawn.


    Tell us, what are some of your favorite money saving tips?

The Many Flavors of Oatmeal

Oatmeal is such a cheap, versatile breakfast staple, but it often gets overlooked or made much more expensive by those boxes of little convenient packages. Sometimes it feels like the only way to get them to eat oatmeal is if it’s those doctored up, flavored packets filled with wannabe fruit.

Frustrated moms, let me give you hope. There is a way to give your children the full benefits of oatmeal and real fruit while saving money. It may take some time, but it is possible.

If your troop is revolting against Rolled Oat/Old Fashioned Oats (which holds the most nutrition) then you may need to ease them in gradually. Start with 3 parts instant oats, 1 part rolled oats. Gradually work your way to half and half all the way until your kids are doing only Rolled Oats.

A great way to make the oatmeal tastier and give them some extra fruit, here are some of the extras I add in:

Brown Sugar




Dried Cranberries (any dried fruit Really)

Strawberries (frozen or fresh)

Blueberries (frozen or fresh)

Diced apples or applesauce




I always use a generous serving of honey and a little brown sugar (for that darker flavor) and then whatever fruit I want to add.

If you combine these two tips you should have awesome success and your grocery budget will thank you!


What do you like in your oatmeal?


I’m linking The Homestead Barn Hop and Tasty Tuesday!

Friday’s Favorite Five: Baby Items I Love

Obviously with the countdown to babies arrival growing closer, I have everything baby on the brain. Here are five things that make my life with babies much easier.


  1. Bum Genius Diapers

    I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use cloth diapers. When I got ready to look into them I had no idea how much easier they had become. I still had memories of babysitting and being terrified I would stab a baby (or myself) with the safety pin. Gone are those days my friend. I decided on bum Genius all in one diapers. I got the 2.0 since that was the newest available, but if you are looking at getting them I would get the 3.0. The difference is Velcro tabs with the 2.0 vs. snap tabs with the 3.0. When you’ve washed for a while the Velcro doesn’t stay attached to the strips of female Velcro sewn in for washing purposes, which can leave you with quite a long diaper chain when you are done washing and drying. Plus, when your kiddos get older the Velcro is quite easy and fun for them to unfasten. If I end up replacing of the first set of diapers I purchased I will definitely be getting the 3.0.


  2. Moby Wrap

    I have two of them, one we bought and one that was given to us. It’s so great to have baby right there, safe and secure next to me.


  3. Arbonne Baby Care Line

    I’ll say upfront that I’m an Arbonne consultant, but this is not a sales pitch. My girls have super sensitive skin, and since Arbonne’s line is fragrance free, dye free, and naturally tear free (no numbing agents) I feel at peace knowing there is nothing in there that will irritate their skin. Plus it works.


  4. Bumbo

    I didn’t have one of these with Emma and I wish I had. It’s especially nice when you have older children. You can sit baby in there and the older siblings can easily play with them safely.


  5. Sleeper Sacks

    Sleeper sacks keep baby nice and warm while providing easy access for diaper changing. Plus they’re just so darn cute in them!


    What are your must have baby items?