Enchilada Lasagna Recipe

Enchilada Lasagna is a favorite recipes at our house. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I had’t shared my recipe for Enchilada Lasagna. I couldn’t believe it when I went searching for it and came up with nothing. Since I came up with Enchilada Lasagna (which was totally from laziness because I didn’t want to roll up individual enchiladas) I have since found out that others had already come up with the same thing. You may find it under Mexican lasagna, Enchilada casserole, or something like that, but like I said I came up with it on my own. I guess it’s true that there is nothing new under the sun!

The other day I tried making it in the electric skillet, as you can see in the picture, and it turned out great! I’m looking forward to having another method of making this that won’t heat up my kitchen.

I will give you quantities, but please know that this is one of those recipes that you really just through in what you have. I use dried beans so I never measure, I just use what looks right from a pot of beans and freeze the leftover for next time. Put in however much or little your family will like.


Enchilada Lasagna in the electric skillet.

Enchilada Lasagna in the electric skillet.

Enchilada Lasagna

6 Fajita Size Soft Taco Shells

2 Cans Tomato Sauce (12oz)

1 Taco/Enchilada Seasoning Packet or use this recipe

2 cups Black Beans

Ground Beef (optional)

2 cups Corn

2 cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese



Mix seasoning with tomato sauce in a medium size pan. Add black beans, corn, and beef if you’re using it; heat through. Pour a small amount of sauce in the bottom to keep it from burning. Tear tortilla shells to fit pan. I like to keep one as large as possible and tear the other one to fit. I also like to tuck the edges of the smaller ones under the bigger one making it easier to spread the sauce for the next layer. Next add another layer of the sauce mix and the sprinkle a thin layer of cheese. Repeat two more times, leaving the largest amount of cheese for the top. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until heated through and cheese is melted or you can do it in your electric skillet @ 200 for 20 min until heated through and cheese is melted.

Serve with sour cream and anything else you usually like with Enchiladas.


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Monday Mommy Confession #49

Today’s Monday Mommy Confession is all about empty threats, but first I want to take a minute and celebrate my 100th post here on the blog. Can you believe it, 100! Thanks to everyone who’ve been reading since the beginning, and to those who have jumped in along the way. I am ever so amazed that anyone is remotely interested in what I have to say, so to still be writing four years later is great. I hope you will agree with me that I think I’ve improved and refine my writing skills a bit as I’ve gone along. Hopefully it won’t take me four more years to reach 200, ha ha!

Now on to today’s Monday Mommy Confession.

(Deep Breath) Have you ever made an empty threat to your kids knowing full well that you don’t intend to keep it, hoping it will scare them into obedience, but they end up calling your bluff and you are left scrambling to save face and make it look like you are being a benevolent parent by letting them get to do what you just told them an hour ago they wouldn’t get to do if they didn’t obey (breath)?

Ya, I never do that either (ha, watch my nose grow!)

That's me, the empty threat maker!

That’s me, the empty threat maker!


I’m getting better catching myself before that empty threat slip through my lips, but I still catch myself making threats that I’m either unable or unwilling to fulfill. 99% of the time this involves nap time. Yes, I still require my 4 and 3 year olds to take naps, and most of the time they do, though it may take some time for them to get there. I still do naps because they both need them. They are unbearable if they don’t, and everyone pays for it!

It usually goes something like this:

After forty five minutes of correction and trips in their for punishments, I finally say “Do you want to go to such and such a place tonight, because if you don’t go to sleep you won’t!”

Sometime this works, other times, one or both just won’t settle down and it comes back to bite me.

I end up saying something like “Mommy decided to be gracious today and allow you to go even though you don’t deserve it. What do you need to tell mommy?” (Thank you’s follow). For now it works, but I know given another year or so my eldest will have figured it out. That’s why I am trying to break the habit now while I have naivety on my side.

We have recently rearranged their room so they can’t see each other without getting out of bed, and it seems to be helping. But I’m sure I have not made my last empty threat yet unfortunately.


What’s your worst empty threat that back fired on you?

Blogs I’m reading now 3/19/13

Hey all!

I thought I’d share a couple of blogs I’ve been checking out recently.


I’ve heard other bloggers refer to the refer to The Prudent Homemaker but never took the time to head over and check out her blog. Oh what I’ve been missing. She is a wealth of wisdom born from necessity! I’ve been enjoying reading back into past posts as well as her weekly frugal accomplishments. Head over and be inspire to be creative with the budget you have!


The other blog I was checking out is Rural Living Today. They just finished up a series on how to practically afford living on a homestead. Even if you aren’t looking at moving to the country, you should check out the series for ideas on how to create multiple incomes and cut your spending.

Have you found any new blogs you find interesting?

Monday Mommy Confession #48


I thought I’d share with you a glimpse into what it’s like living with three little girls in the house. Some of you live with this everyday so this is normal for you, but I grew up with two brothers so things tended to be more about sword fighting and baseball then dolls. So to see girliness vomited all over my house is a bit strange to me. I’m sure it is even more strange to my husband who grew up the youngest of four boys.

The above picture is of the duck that sits on the toilet in the laundry room. Emma took her bracelets off before she went potty and decided that the duck was the safest place. Of course she forgot to put them back on so they stayed there for a couple of days before I rescued them and put them back into “circulation”.


I am some times hourly picking up the bathroom of all their perafanilia that they carry in with them and then abandon. We’re still working on putting away the hair pretties (combs, brushes, headbands, etc. that they get out multiple times a day). It was spotless in there just an hour or so earlier then this picture.


One of the girls decided that potholders and necklaces go well together. Maybe they were just trying to dress up the place!


And here is Sammie with her hair clippy crown (or prown, as she says). Emma came up with the idea first and Sammie wanted one as well. Good thing Mommy has a bunch that their Grammy gave her!

Do you have a bunch of girls running around your house? Maybe you have a bunch of boys instead. What makes your house a special place to live?

Our First “Barn Sale”


We packed up the girls yesterday and headed to a Barn Sale in another town 45 minutes away. It started at 7 am, but we didn’t get there until 11:30. They had already sold a lot of stuff, but we managed to pick through everything (there was still quite a bit left) and find some treasures worth our trip. Nothing was priced (which usually drives me crazy, but in this case it worked to our advantage) so we just collected everything we wanted and one of the gals there made an offer for the whole lot. We got everything for just $15! It was a huge score!

Above are the girls modeling the beginner roller blades and life jacket we got.


Here is the load of children’s books we got. The girls were very excited about all the new books. Some of them will be for later when the girls start reading, but it’s always better to prepare ahead right?


I found a couple of games for the girls and a couple of shelves which I’ve already been planning where they’re going to go. I also got some gardening shoes (which I am SUPER excited about), and an almost brand new package of steel wool and merchandise tags, plus some adult books for gifts and a mug.


Lastly we got a large storage bin on wheels for Joel to use in his office, and a sleeping bag for the girls. Both were in great condition.

So ya, I think we got a GREAT deal on everything we got. Several of the items were on my list of things to look for. It’s nice to have your patience pay off!

Did any of you find some great deals this weekend? Take some time and brag below so we can ooh and aah with you!

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Monday Mommy Confession #47


I thought I’d share a nice smelling photo today!

We are trying to teach the girls manners. It is something that has to be taught over, and over, and over again. Though I have girls, they have just as much of a fascination with passing gas (or tooting as we call it) as any boy around.

One of my girls (who shall remain nameless so she doesn’t kill me when she gets older) had been passing gas and not letting anyone know, leaving us to “discover” it with our noses. After gagging we reminded her that she must say excuse me to let everyone know she did so.

It finally sunk in one day when she came downstairs and proudly announced “Mommy, I tooted upstairs and I said excuse me!” What made it so funny was that the rest of us were downstairs, so she was up there by herself.

Both girls are getting the hang of it now. It doesn’t help with the stinkiness (which is my fault really, thanks to all the fruits and vegetables and beans I feed them) but at least we have warning now! The laughs haven’t subsided though. One thing at a time right?


Do you have stinkers in your family that get a good belly laugh out of passing gas, or any bodily functions really?

Spaghetti Seasoning Recipe


My method of making spaghetti sauce has evolved over the last few years. I used to just buy whatever jar of sauce was on sale at the store that week and call it good. But when I started making my own pizza I didn’t want to pay the money for the “special” cans of pizza sauce so I would use spaghetti sauce and freeze half of it for the next time. Then there was one evening when I made up the dough for the pizza and realized I had no sauce. Oh snap, what to do now. Well, I grabbed a can of tomato sauce and added Italian seasoning to it. I didn’t even measure, I just did it to taste. And you know what? It was amazing and everyone raved about it. Then I go to thinking, if making my own pizza sauce tasted this good, maybe making my own spaghetti sauce would taste great as well. And it did. I started using tomato sauce and adding in Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and onion powder to taste and it was wonderful.

Up until this point I had never used Italian seasoning in my life. Now I was going through it like crazy!

Things changed when I made the switch to organic tomato sauce. The sauce was MUCH sweeter and it didn’t seem to matter how much seasoning or salt that I put in it, it still didn’t taste right. In desperation I turned to my More Make-A-Mix Cookery" target="_blank">More Make a Mix cook book and tried their spaghetti seasoning recipe hoping that with the extra seasonings they added it would give a more rounded flavor, and I was not disappointed!

I follow the recipe for the seasoning, but not for the sauce itself. It does call for green pepper flakes (which I had never heard of), but I use red pepper flakes and use half of what is called for. You will want to adjust that to your heat preferences. I would use 1 packet for 1-2 cans of tomato sauce, and 2 for 3 cans of sauce. Last night I used 3 packets for 3 cans of sauce and it was mucho caliente!

Spaghetti Seasoning Mix

1-1/2 tsp dried minced onion

1-1/2 tsp dried parsley

1-1/2 tsp cornstarch

1 tsp dried green pepper flakes

3/4 tsp salt

1/8 tsp dried minced garlic

1/2 tsp granulated sugar

1/4 tsp ground oregano

1/4 tsp ground basil

Mix them all together. You can either add it right away and heat sauce through, or you can store in foil or a sealed container and keep in a cool dry place for up to six months. Be sure to label and put the date on.

I don’t add in the sugar. I try to cut out sugar whenever possible, plus I don’t like sweet spaghetti sauce.


How do you like your sauce, sweet or savory?


*Please not that the link for the cook book is my amazon affiliate link.

Monday Mommy Confession #46


The first was Sammie’s birthday. My spunky little girl is three years old now, and I can hardly handle it. She already seems older and it’s only been a few days. I think when you tell a child they are a year older it kind of makes them feel older and they try to act the way they think someone older should act.

I thought I’d share a few funny quotes from her birthday.


Sammie “Can I open it?” (Her present)

Me “No. Can you smell it?”

Sammie -sniffs her present

Me “Can you lick it?”

Sammie-Licks it

Me “Can you hear it?”

Sammie-puts her ear to it

Me “What  does it say?”

Sammie “It says I want to open it!”

Joel and I were rolling!


Sammie had just blown out her candle when this conversation took place.

Emma “Can Sammie eat the candle?”

Me “No, it would taste bad.”

Sammie “Ya, it would taste burnt.”

Sammie was so serious about her comment about it tasting burnt. She is such a delight!


I hope this gave you a smile. Happy Monday everyone!

Snow Much Fun!


Well apparently we nearly broke the record for snow fall in our area. Now for a Nebraska girl like me, this was nothing. I count it as a special gift from God. One of the big things that I had to over come, along with the fact that I was moving away from my family, best friends, and church, was how little snow Kansas got compared to Nebraska. The snow storm this week was like a kiss from God, reminding me that He would not only meet my needs, but He remembered my wants as well. God knows our love languages better then we do, and beautiful, thick, wet, snow is one of mine. And to top it off, it wasn’t just one day for a few hours and then melts away, it was two whole days and today the temps are staying below freezing so I get to look out the window and drink it all in.

The snow fall we got was just a drop in the bucket compared to what our farmers need to bring the water levels back up to what they need to be, but it is a start. God could have given us two days of rain, I would have still been thankful, but oh how much more beautiful and fun is the snow! It is, after all still winter, so why not enjoy it for what it is.


Moving on. Yesterday Joel took the afternoon off to enjoy the momentous snow fall. We took the girls to the only hill in town ( the on and off ramps for the highway-don’t worry there is a lot of space and it was totally safe) to go sledding for the first time. They had a ball! Lucy sat in the car with Joel’s dad, and eventually Emma when she got too cold. There were a few who thought we were crazy for going out when it was snowing and there was so much snow to still be plowed, but we’ve seen worse and the main roads were cleared so it really wasn’t a problem at all. The snow was perfect for sledding! Both girls thoroughly enjoyed it, but Sammie, our dare devil, wanted to keep going long after her cheeks were bright red and her nose was running on full blast. Joel and I got a really good work out dragging the sleds back up the steep hill while helping the girls back up as well. Joel’s parents went along to enjoy us enjoying the snow. Mom Terrell got right up to the top of the hill with us!

We went out again a couple days later after the second snow fall with one of Joel’s brothers and his kids. It was a treat for them to have other kids they know there with them!

Did you get snow?  Did you do anything special to enjoy it?


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Monday Mommy Confession #45

Sometimes I have those days when I mentally check out. It just comes so natural. The girls will be talking away and I won’t even hear them. I snap back to “mom… Mooom!” And realize I’ve done it again. I don’t mean to, and I try really hard to stay focused on the kids during those days. It’s usually when I’m tired and they are talking incessantly and their little voices lull me into a comatose state. When this happens I often think of this scene from “The Incredibles”. Queue it to 55 seconds if you want to go right to the part I’m talking about.


I often say to myself “It’s time to engage Libby, it’s time to engage!)


Do you ever have days where you’re a Zombie Mommy? What do you do to pull yourself together?